How To Choose and Pre-Order Your Apple Watch

apple watches on display

Apple Watches on display!

Apple’s latest wearable gadget will be for sure the hotshot of the year, on the smartwatch niche! If you wanna be amongst the first that own an Apple Watch, pre-order it starting, April 10 after 12:01 am PDT!

This way you’ll obtain priority when the wrist-held Apple gadget becomes commercially available beginning with April 24. Yes, this means that you have to pick your Apple Watch and also pay for it at least two weeks before you’ll be able to accommodate it on your wrist!

Because this is a totally new gadget, that comes in different materials, sizes, colors and obviously prices, it’s highly recommended to properly inform yourself before ordering. This way you’ll surly make the proper decision and spend your money wisely. Here are a few tips that could prove very handy.

How To Pre-order The Apple Watch
The action itself is rather simple to answer. Starting with April 10, you can visit or launch the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad and pre-order The Watch! However, I think that it’s more important to analyze how to choose the proper size for the case and band, or what pricing and quality to expect!

1. iPhone Compatibility
iphone 5 and 6 seriesFirst of all, you want to make sure that your iOS device is compatible with the Apple Watch. I imagine that you don’t want to end up purchasing a +$349 gadget, only to use it as a normal watch. This new gadget connects, with a suited iPhone, via Bluetooth and WiFi. This way the Watch becomes a wrist-held smartphone, offering you the option to answer or silence calls, with only a wrist flick, receive texts and grab all other functions available on your iOS phone! The iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus are the terminals compatible with Apple Watch. More, the watch-phone combo makes Apple Pay via NFC available on iPhone 5 series!

2. Face Size
apple watch 42mm actual size wrist fitAll Apple Watch editions are available in two different sizes: 38mm or 42mm (1.5 or 1.7 inches). You have to know that size influences pricing, at lest $50 of it! Those of you with a small wrist and in general a smaller body frame, should obviously opt for the 38mm version. The same goes for large individuals which should clearly go for 42mm. The delicate selection is for those of us within the average. To simplify things, Kirk McElhearn has come up with two Apple Watch actual size photos, featuring the 38mm and 42mm sizes, which can be downloaded on your iPhone and used as visual estimators of the actual Apple Watch size.

3. Band Size
apple watch band sizesThe Apple Watch comes with six different band types: Modern Buckle, Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet, Classic Buckle and Sports Band. Depending on the bands, they can be one-size fits all or come in three different sizes (S. M and L) to choose from. The easiest selection is with the Sport Watch edition which is delivered with tho bands sized S/M and M/L, thus covering all circumferences. However, if you decide to opt for the Modern Buckle for example, you’ll have to measure your wrist and check the official Apple Watch band size chart for an optimal selection.

4. Watch Color
apple watch colorsThe smartwatch’s color is mainly determined by the bands tone. If we can choose between 6 different band types, there are 18 colors to select from. You can get a glimpse of the most popular ones in the nearby image. The Apple Watch’s case comes also in two different color combinations: black or steel color for the Sport and normal models, and yellow or rose gold for the Watch Edition!
Yes, you can also opt between multiple smartwatch faces with different designs and colors to fit your band type and the gadget’s general appearance!

5. Materials & Pricing
apple watch case materialsThe Watch’s cost are influenced by two things. The materials used and the size. I already informed you that there is a $50 difference between the small and large cases when it comes to the Apple Watch Sport and regular models.
Apple Watch Sport: this version is priced at $349 or $399. It comes with a lightweight but durable anodized Aluminum case. The display is made out of aluminosilicate glass which keeps the weight count low making it ideal for an active lifestyle.
Apple Watch: the regular model is exactly $200 more expensive and is therefore equipped with the hyped sapphire glass screen and a stainless steel case!
Apple Watch Edition: is made out of 18-karat gold and I still haven’t figured it out yet how rich one has to be in order to spend over $10,000 on a gadget that could become old-fashioned in only 2 years?

Apple Watch Selection Tips
apple watch credit cardOther miscellaneous features that could help you with the wrist-held device’s selection are:
– for users that haven’t upgraded to the latest iPhone flagships yet, the above Apple Pay extension is a great feature that could convince you to grab The Watch;
– all bands are rapidly interchangeable, so you can easily give your watch a new look;
– the screen flips! If you’re a lefty there is no need to worry;
– do mind that some band types are only available for the 38mm case while other fit only the 42mm one (leather loop);
– there are currently 9 digital watch faces available to choose from, but numbers are expected to rise soon.