Apple Watch Passbook App For All Your Barcodes

apple watch passbook app

Apple Watch Passbook App

Nowadays tickets and access cards aren’t available only in classic cardboard or paper printouts anymore. You can conveniently store them on your iPhone and use the Passbook app to provide the barcode whenever you wish to use it. Apple Watch has borrows this application too, from its paired iOS companion. This means that boarding a flight, entering the cinema or paying for your favorite coffee, can be achieved with the help of your Watch OS gadget and the digital airplane pass, movie ticket or gift card.

All passes saved on your iPhone are automatically synced with the Apple Watch if the Mirror option is enabled. Set it up by opening the Apple Watch app on your iOS device. Browse to My Watch -> Passbook & Apple Pay and make sure that Mirror my iPhone is ticked. From this menu branch you can also tweak other settings for the passes available on your Watch.

How To Use A Pass on Apple Watch
apple watch starbucks pass When you want to use one of the stored vouchers, simply press the Digital Crown to open the app bundle and tap the Passbook icon. Select the required ticket and point the barcode, to the pass scanner the same way you do it when you use Apple Pay on your Watch.
Tickets can be also self triggered by notifications. Whenever an alert, of a pass, lands on your Watch OS device, tap it to display the card. Depending on the coupon, you might have to turn the Digital Crown and scroll for the barcode. Next, point it towards the barcode reader and wait for validation.

Add A Pass To Passbook
add coupon to passbook Passes are added with the help of various iOS apps that support this feature. The procedure varies upon the software in question, but with most of them you have to find the Add To Passbook button. All Coupons are added via the iPhone and are automatically transfered to the Apple Watch. At the moment, you can’t add a pass directly on your wearable, without going through the smartphone.
To find out apps that use Passbook you can open the app on your iPhone and tap on Find Apps for Passbook, available in the lower part of your screen. App Store opens up with a special application section, dedicated to passbook supporting apps.
It’s possible to manually add a ticket to Passbook by using your iPhone’s camera to scan the physical coupon.
Tip: You can also save passes from Emails and Websites that you navigate via Safari.

Reorder Passes Within Passbook
To rearrange the coupons available in the Passbook app on your Apple Watch, you have to use the paired iPhone. Access the application on your iOS companion and drag & drop a ticket to change its order.
Tip: If you wish to erase a pass that you no longer need, tap the “i” icon and hit Delete.