Apple Watch Time Travel Anticipates Daylight Saving Time

apple watch daylight saving time

Apple Watch Daylight Saving Time.

While some part of the world has already switched away from Daylight saving time, it’s time for the US to join the lines, this weekend, exactly one week after all Europeans have turned back their clocks, with one hour, during the last Sunday of October. With all the technology available nowadays, it’s very hard to get caught off guard by the end of the Daylight saving time. iPhones and all other smartphones and computers are fully aware of the upcoming change and will automatically adjust their internal clocks.

The same goes with the Apple Watch. This is the first time change that many of us will experience, since the release of Apple’s revolutionary wearable. As experienced by many watchOS owners from Europe, the wrist-worn device automatically falls back and adjust to the new time. In the United States 2 am becomes 1 am this Sunday, November 1st. You’ll be able to preview this change with the help of the Time Travel feature!

Daylight Saving Time on Apple Watch
daylight saving time time travel preview Time Travel allows you to anticipate your daily schedule, weather and many other info displayed on your Watch Face. Practically you can fast forward time and see, with the help of the watchOS 2 complications, how data is projected to change in the upcoming hours.
As you can see, in the short animation provided nearby, the Time Travel function shows when Daylight saving time ends and how 4 am becomes 3 am. The demo was recorded by Miika last weekend as Europe switched away from daylight saving time!

Daylight Saving Time Facts
Starts: Second Sunday of March (in the U.S.), first Sunday (Europe). Clocks leap 1 hour forwards (2 am becomes 3 am). Sunrise is experienced later as daylight increases and maxes out during summer months.
Ends: First Sunday of November (in the U.S.), last Sunday from October (Europe). Clocks are moved 1 hour backwards (2 am becomes 1 am). Sunrise is earlier, but it will get darker much quicker in the evenings.