AppleCare+ Extended Warranty Not Showing Up After Purchase?

apple limited warranty showing up instead of applecare+

Apple Limited Warranty showing up instead of AppleCare+.

A few days ago we’ve informed you about the advantages of opting for the AppleCare+ extended warranty coverage when purchasing the iPhone 11, 11 Pro or the 11 Pro Max. Prices for screen replacements and other incidents are obscene if your device is out of coverage. $329 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max new display! The AppleCare+ provides you the chance to screw your new iPhone twice, within two years and get it fixed for a small $29 fee per incident on top of the initial $199 down payment.

Today, we’re getting back to you to signal a common problem that’s occurring these days to many Apple customers that purchased AppleCare+ for their iPhone 11 flagship. Apparently the new insurance policies aren’t immediately confirmed after purchase in the user’s online account. We’ve had numerous readers reporting that their accounts still show the “Apple Limited Warranty” label even 24 hours after the purchase. We’ve contacted Apple via iMessage regarding this problem and below you can find out their answer!

AppleCare+ For iPhone 11 Not Confirmed Online

The Cupertino-based tech giant blames the inadvertence on the high volume of AppleCare+ insurances that have been purchased with the release of the iPhone 11 flagships. The iPhone Coverage system is overloaded and is registering the new policies with a delay. In other words, there is a small software problem with processing of the new AppleCare+ policies which will be fixed in the upcoming days.

How To Fix AppleCare+ Insurance Plan Not Showing Up
applecare+ coverage not showing up for iPhone 11 pro maxAccording to Apple, customers should expect up to 72 hours of delay until the AppleCare+ coverage will be confirmed in their online accounts. If you purchased AppleCare+ and are still getting the standard “Apple Limited Warranty” message, don’t worry. Your new iPhone is insured from the day of the purchase of your policy.

I would be happy to inform you that the AppleCare agreement will take 72 hours to display for your device. After 72 hours you can check the coverage at If it does not appear after that time then we can get you in touch with our agreement team to review.

Fact: Apple Limited Warranty covers only eligible hardware repairs and service. These are usually provided when the phone has a design or manufacturing flaw that’s officially confirmed by Apple.