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iPhone displaying Warranty status in settings menu

How To Quickly Check Your iPhone’s Limited Warranty Or AppleCare+ Expiry Date

New iPhones come with a 1-year Limited International Warranty (AppleCare). This means that your Apple smartphone is covered for eligible hardware repairs and service for the first 12 months after activation. You can bring your iOS device to any official Apple Store or repair shop and it will be serviced or replaced free of any…

apple limited warranty showing up instead of applecare+

AppleCare+ Extended Warranty Not Showing Up After Purchase?

A few days ago we’ve informed you about the advantages of opting for the AppleCare+ extended warranty coverage when purchasing the iPhone 11, 11 Pro or the 11 Pro Max. Prices for screen replacements and other incidents are obscene if your device is out of coverage. $329 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max new display!…

iPhone XS with faulty Volume Down button.

Faulty iPhone XS Volume Button – What To Do?

No one is perfect and it’s no wonder that Apple also fits in this guideline. Considering that the company sells hundreds of millions of iPhones each year you can expect, a very small percentage of them, to ship with faulty parts. No matter how good the quality control is, defect parts can make their way…

apple watch with expanded battery

Original Apple Watch Gets Free Replacement Coverage For Up To 3 Years In Case of Deformed Battery

The Apple Watch has just turned 2 years of age. The watchOS device was first released on April 24, 2015 and has managed to dominate the smartwatch industry ever since. Confirming Apple’s high standards, the 1st generation Apple Watch has aged nicely, and proves to be a reliable gadget. There aren’t significant negative reports or…

iphone and applecare+

What Is AppleCare+ For iPhone?

vWhen you buy and iPhone the device comes with an 1 year warranty for hardware crashes and 90 days of complimentary support. The hardware warranty is limited and covers manufacturing flaws and any other problems that might appear on your iOS device under normal usage. For example, a battery that isn’t working at normal parameters….