CarPlay Screen Blurry, Stretched Out, Broken After iOS Update?

CarPlay Screen blurry and stretched

CarPlay Screen blurry and stretched | Source: Reddit

Is your CarPlay screen blurry and stretched out when connecting iPhone to vehicle? Is CarPlay unusable because it doesn’t display app icons and content properly? Does this happen after the latest update?

CarPlay Screen Blurry

This issue has been reported by Andreas:

“Carplay screen is all blurred out after updating to iOS 15.1.1. I’m using wired connection!”

We’ve couldn’t replicate this issue, but I’ve found a similar report on Reddit:

“I installed iOS 15.1.1 on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and now CarPlay is not working. My wife’s 11 Pro Max with iOS 15.1 has no issues with same car and cable.”

How To Fix CarPlay Screen Blurred Out

Fortunately, this glitch comes with an easy fix. Users have reported that force restarting the iPhone will fix the stretched out CarPlay screen:

  • Simultaneously press & gold the Volume Up + Power buttons on your iPhone.
  • Keep them pressed until the screen turns black and the Apple logo is displayed on the iPhone screen.
  • Be patient until device reboots. Provide passcode and reconnect to CarPlay. Does the screen display properly now?

Have you managed to fix the CarPlay screen blurred out issue? Do you have a better sugestion? Share your feedback using the comments section!

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