Contact Photo Not Showing In iMessage Notifications?

contact photo not showing in imessage on lock screen

Contact Photo not showing in iMessage notifications on Lock Screen.

Contact photos not showing in iMessage notifications on Lock Screen in iOS 17? Seeing a grey bubble instead of the contact’s image in the Messages notification widget even though you’ve set a contact poster? You’re not the only one experiencing it!

Contact Photo Not Showing In Notifications

This issue has been reported by Erika (iOS 17.0.3):

“contact photos not available in message notifications on Lock Screen. Is there a fix for this?”

We’ve found similar reports on Reddit:

“Anyone knows how to fix this missing contact photo in iMessage notifications?”

How To Fix Contact Photo Not Showing In iMessage Notification

If all settings are correct on your iPhone, there isn’t much that you can do about it. Apple will have to address this bug via an upcoming software update.

Just make sure tha yout:

1. Add Contact Posters

Check if the contacts, that aren’t showing photos for iMessage notifications on the Lock Screen, have contact posters assigned! You can do it from the Phone app:
Tap Edit and make sure that a contact photo and poster is assigned to it!

Tip: A detailed how-to guide is available here.

2. Show Contact Photos

Make sure that Messages app is set to show photos of your contacts. You can do this in:
Settings -> Messages -> Show Contact Photos.

If the above won’t fix contact photos not showing on Lock Screen you must wait for the next iOS software update. We’ve reported the problem via the Feedback app and Apple is surly aware of it as the problems seems widespread!

Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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