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contact names not showing up in messages

Contact Names Not Showing Up In Messages In iOS 17?(Fix!)

Contact names not showing in Messages after iOS 17 update? The phone number is displayed instead making it difficult to recognize the conversation partner? It happens only with iMessages? Here is what to do!…

new contact not showing up in whatsapp

New Contact Not Showing Up In WhatsApp On iPhone? (Fix!)

New contact not showing in WhatsApp on iPhone? Just added a new entry in the Phone app, but it’s not available in WhatsApp? Trying to start a new chat but the recently added contact is not listed when you search for it?…

merge duplicate contacts on mac

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On Mac in macOS Ventura

Looking for a way to merge duplicate contacts on Mac? macOS Ventura does include this option in the stock Contacts app. Your computer is able to find duplicates and allows you to quickly merge them in bulk or selectively….

Duplicates Found iOS 16 feature

How To Fix Duplicate Contacts On iPhone In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can easily fix duplicate contacts on iPhone! This thanks to a new feature in the Contacts app, that automatically detects duplicate entries and offers you the chance to quickly merge them! It’s called Duplicates Found!…

Legacy Contact on iPhone

How To Add Legacy Contact On iPhone In iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15.2 you can add iPhone Legacy Contact. This new feature allows you to select a contact that you trust, to be able to access the data on your account after you die….