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magnifier not available iOS 17 issue

Magnifier Not Available In Markup On iPhone & iPad In iOS 17

Magnifier not available in Markup menu on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Trying to edit photos and zoom in to highlight various part of the frame but can’t find the magnifying option? Apple has most likely discontinued it!…

save as video not an option ios 16

Save As Video Live Photo Not An Option In iOS 16? [How To]

Save as Video not available for Live Photo in iOS 16? Option missing in the Share menu of the Photos app, after you updated iPhone to iOS 16, 16.1 or 16.1.1? Fortunately, it’s still available but has been relocated!…

photos freezes on ipad in ipados 16

Photos Freeze On iPad When Adding Picture To Shared Album?

Is Photos freezes on iPad when adding a picture to an existing Shared Album? You have to force quit Photos to troubleshoot and the image isn’t added to the Shared Album either? You’re not alone! This is a common iPadOS 16 issue….

Duplicates not showing in iOS 16

Duplicates Not Showing In iOS 16 Photos App (Fix ?)

Are Duplicates not showing in iOS 16? You’ve updated iPhone to the most recent release but device isn’t able to find and list duplicate photos in the Utilities section? Is this an early iOS 16 bug? Let’s check it out!…

Copy Text From Video iOS 16

How To Copy Text From Video On iPhone And iPad In iOS 16

Yes, you can copy and paste text from video on iPhone. All this thanks to a new iOS 16 feature called Live Text for Video, which actually expands the Live Text feature introduced in iOS 15, that allows users to grab text from a photo….