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GIF not playing on iPhone

How To Fix GIFs Not Working (Not Playing) On iPhone In iOS 14

Are GIFs on your iPhone not working, or you’re unable to save them since updating your device to iOS 14? This is a common problem reported by many iPhone and iPad users. Instead of saving the animated image that plays as a very-short video, your browser downloads only a frame of the GIF. The image…

Instagram ProRaw Support

How To Share iPhone 12 ProRAW Photos In Instagram

You can now share ProRAW photos captured on iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max in Instagram! All that you have to to is update your device to the latest Instagram version for iOS and upload a ProRAW photo similar to any other image from the Photos app….

iOS 14 hide Hidden Album feature

How To Really Hide Photos On iPhone In iOS 14

iOS 14 enhances the photo hiding feature introduced in previous versions. Until now, to conceal an image from the Photos app you had to select it and use the ‘Hide’ option. This would secrete the image from the CameraRoll and the For You section, but still display it in the Albums section, in the ‘Hidden’…

Adobe Lightroom bug deletes photos on iOS devices

Fix Adobe Lightroom Bug That Deletes Photos On iPhone & iPad

Are you missing precious Photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? If you use Adobe’s Lightroom app for iOS, you should be worried! A recent update to the application comes with a bug that automatically deletes Photos from your Apple smart device! This issue is serious and there are affected users that lost up…

iOS 13 vs iOS 14 max zoom comparison

iPhone Photos Zoom Limit Extended In iOS 14 (+Infinite Zoom Trick)

Another hidden feature included in iOS 14 is the extra zoom available in the stock Photos app. The pinch-to-zoom gesture can be performed several times and you can zoom in for a much closer look than before. This way you can notice the fine details. On the downside, maximum zoom will now most likely a…