How To Open Spotlight Search on iPhone 5s

iphone 5s spotlight search

Performing a Spotlight search on iPhone 5S.

Spotlight search is one of the tweaks that Apple has changed when evolving towards iOS7. The way you open this quick search feature is different on your new iPhone 5s comparing to the older models.

It’s important to know how to activate spotlight search because it helps you to find your apps, notes, contacts and other important date on the phone asap. You can use it from any home screen, but this instant search won’t work from within a folder, app or any other screen!

For accessing it on iOS 6 you had to swipe all the way to the right side of your Home screen. Now things are much more simple. You can search for your apps by sliding down from the middle of the screen. More, Spotlight search can be activated from any homepage!

Spotlight Settings

spotlight search customizationTo customize Spotlight search you have to tap “Settings”.
Next select “General” and pick the “Spotlight Search” tab.
Here you can select what type of content you wish this feature to search for by enabling or disabling items.

Spotlight Search Features

This special iOS tool uses smart search and T9 predictive text technology. You can search a contact, for example, by typing a few numbers from it’s phone string or a few letters from his name and filtred results will instantly appear.

Video Tutorial

Watch the tutorial available below and see how easy it is to access Spotlight search.

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