Dark Sky Provides To The Minute Weather Forecast

dark sky to the minute rain prediction

Dark Sky to the minute rain prediction on Apple Watch.

Today I’ll be introducing you to a revolutionary iOS weather app, that provides highly accurate precipitation and temperature value predictions. It’s called Dark Sky and it’s one of the first apps that uses crowdsourcing to improve the accuracy of its forecasts. The software is coded to automatically tap your iPhone’s barometric sensor and obtain vital air pressure values, which can help detect upcoming thunderstorm,s when collected from a large group of people.

Users that don’t own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus equipped with a barometer can still contribute to the app’s crowdsourcing feature by manually picking the current weather conditions and signaling whenever lightning or fog is experienced at their location. Another great plus for Dark Sky is that it offers Apple Watch support. Down to the minute weather forecast is available on your wrist. Receive notifications and check the latest predictions at a glance.

Download Dark Sky on iPhone and Apple Watch
dark sky app store download Simply tap on this official Dark Sky App Store download link and install the revolutionary weather forecasting tool on your iPhone or iPad. Next, depending if you have the Automatic Downloads setting turned On or not, you have two options to proceed with uploading Dark Sky on your Apple Watch. Either way make sure that the wrist gadget is paired with the iPhone. It will automatically install if the above mentioned setting is active, or you have to manually upload it to your wrist, by opening the Apple Watch app on your smartphone. Browse the My Watch view and scroll for Dark Sky, within the third party app list. Tap on it and select Show App on Apple Watch. Also toggle the Show in Glances option.
Fact: This is a revolutionary app, which uses professional weather forecasting technology. For the moment it’s only available in the US, UK and Ireland. However, we expect that the number of accepted countries will soon rise.

Dark Sky for iOS Features
dark sky iphone weather forecast Dark Sky Widget: the app comes with a handy information module that you can activate from the Notification Center. The widget is displayed in the Today view and can be checked even from your iPhone’s lock screen. It’s similar to the glance view on Apple Watch.
Down To The Minute Forecasting: With the help of your iOS device’s GPS, Dark Sky can provide highly accurate weather data. It can predict you to the minute when rain or other precipitation will start.
Radar Animations: Actual radar graphic clips are available. This way you can easily see how a storm is moving and what to expect from the upcoming showers.
dark sky apple watch notification Push Notifications: Dark sky is able to send alerts before it starts raining, and notify you about severe weather alerts issued by the government, which include hurricanes, flooding, thunderstorms and so on. More, you can also customize your own notifications that cover the upcoming 24 hours. Ask the app to inform you when temperature is predicted to reach certain levels, push info about precipitation, snow accumulation and others.
Crowdsourcing: As mentioned in the introduction if you own an iPhone 6 you can opt to allow the app to tap your barometric sensor and gain info about air pressure from your location. Else, you can use the Weather Reporter to send info about how the weather is in your position.
dark sky global temperature animation Apple Watch: comes with glance view as well as detailed hour-by-hour timeline for the upcoming 24 hours and detailed forecast for the next 7 days.
UV Index: is also included. This way you know when it’s safe to sunbath and what protection you should apply.
Fact: Dark Sky currently costs $3.99, but it’s worth the money in my opinion. You get highly accurate weather predictions, in a similar way as all major event organizers do, in exchange of a symbolic fee.