Review of Nomad’s Apple Watch Stand

nomad silver apple watch stand

Nomad’s Silver Apple Watch stand.

One thing that is missing from the official Apple Watch packaging is a stand for your watchOS gadget. You do need a platform for your wearable, if you wish to place it in an elegant and handy position while charging. Different to the iPhone, you’ll convince yourself, after a few charging cycles, that it’s quite annoying to connect the Watch to the MagSafe charging system, if you don’t setup some sort of charging base. The charging cable unfolds awkwardly on your nightand and the MagSafe connector is sometimes tricky to position, if you don’t use a specific platform.

Considering that you have to charge your Apple Watch every evening, you’ll need a solution for this. The cheap way is to manually engineer a stand, using some common household items. Pick something like a Leggo block and tweak it to craft a mount for the wearable’s charging system, or buy a specifically designed Apple Watch stand and elegantly juice up the battery, of your wrist-worn device. Read on, to find out more details about a premium Watch stand, designed and sold by Nomad, a Californian startup, that specializes in smartphone and smartwatch accessories.

Nomad’s Apple Watch Stand Presentation
nomad apple watch stand rear view This premium charging platform has a horseshoe appearance. It’s design is simple, but it looks and feels high quality. The frame is precisely shaped using CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines. A round slot which accommodates the MagSafe charger is nicely cut at the top. A cleverly hidden passageway is graved along the back of the frame, to elegantly conceal the charging cable.
Military grade aluminum is the main material used for building this Apple Watch Stand. It’s a single solid piece item that also incorporates a small chunk of copper alloy. Copper is much heavier than aluminum and has the role to ensure a stable base for the stand.

Apple Watch Stand Specifications
nomad apple watch rubber base with copper allow ballast Size: This charging platform is 10.5cm tall which provides a handy elevation while charging or storing your watchOS device. It’s width is 9.0cm, while the depth measures 5.0cm to ensure a compact and easy to store item.
Materials: to the materials mentioned above, I also have to add rubber which is applied to the bottom of the stand and ensures a non-slippery surface.
Compatibility: The Nomad charging stand suits both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes. It also covers all three wearable versions: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.
Color: You can pick between Space Gray or Silver colorings, to properly match the case of your Apple Watch.

Nomad Purchase Tips
nomad apple watch space gray stand – Coupon Code: If you enjoy this Apple Watch stand and wish to order it now, tap on this official Nomad Apple Watch purchase link and grab a 10% Discount, if you use the coupon FRND10, and where refereed by Do mind, that the rebate is applied to your complete order. So, take advantage and buy other iPhone or Apple Watch accessories if needed.
– Avoid Shipping Fees: If your order is above $75, you’ll get free shipping within the United States. Nomad ships its products worldwide!