Download 20 Winter Holiday Tunes and Alerts For Your iPhone

Santa Claus listening to Christmas jingles on Phone

Santa Claus listening to Christmas jingles on Phone

The Winter Holidays are knocking at the door, so it’s time to tune up our iOS devices for Christmas and New Year!

The staff has designed over twenty alerts and tunes that promise to make your iPhones and iPads part of Santa’s symphony. Lure Saint Nick in your home and don’t miss this year’s special presents.

Our gift, especially for you, is the Winter Holiday sound package, that comes for free. Our only request besides maintaining you as a loyal reader is, if possible, to share this article and spread the word about our present.

How To Download and Play Tones
We’ve worked a lot to set up these Christmas and New Year sound packages and you’re now only a few seconds away from having it on your iPhone or iPad!
iphone using christmas and new year sounds The alerts are saved in the iOS traditional .m4r audio format. You can preview the songs first, by using the embedded interface.
Please note that you have to download these winter holiday tones on your computer or notebook. Next, you need to connect your iPhone to your desktop or laptop and use iTunes. Drag and drop the downloaded .m4r audio files in the iTunes’ Tones section and Sync to upload them to your iOS device. The final step is to unlock your iPhone, tap on Settings -> Sounds and accommodate your new Christmas and New Year sounds!

20 Winter Holiday Alerts & Tunes for iOS
Besides providing your the .m4r version of all sounds, we also added the .mp3 format. This allows your Android friends can also enjoy our Christmas gift. Don’t hesitate to share!

10 Winter Holiday Alerts (Short Christmas and New Year specific sounds that can be used as Sounds for: Texts (SMS), New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Facebook Post, Calendar Alerts, Reminder Alerts and AirDrop notifications.

1. Happy New Year Alert – Celebrate the New Year in a fancy manner by assigning this tone to your smartphone.

2. Christmas Bells Alert – Use this sound and you’ll be reminded of Santa’s reindeer whenever you get a notification on your iPhone.

3. Holiday Chimes Alert – Download this tone to your iOS device and know that you’re on Winter Holidays whenever it alerts you.

4. Jingle Bells Tone – Another trademark Christmas sound that shouldn’t miss from any iPhone or iPad. Download it for free!

5. Little Bell Alert – Let this small bell to remind you that Winter Holidays are unfolding whenever your mobile device sends an audio notification.

6. Long Holiday Chime – A different Christmas chime tone, that surly fits your iOS device. Download it free of any charge.

7. Ho, ho, ho Santa Claus – Hear Santa’s trademark laugh whenever you receive a text.

8. Merry Christmas Alert – Allow your iPhone to greet you with Winter Holiday wishes. Download all sounds now!

9. Roaring Snow Mobil – Let your iOS device sound like a roaring snow mobile whenever a notification lands.

10. Landing Snowball Sound – Can you imagine winter without snowballs? Us either and this is why we included this tone in our premium collection.

10 Christmas & New Year Tunes (These sounds are longer Winter Holiday specific audio files designed to be used as iPhone ringtones.

1. Happy Christmas Tune – A great ringtone for your iPhone. Voted one of the favorite tones by our readers.

2. Carol Of Bells Tune – Perhaps one of the most appreciated iPhone ringtones of our website. Press play button to preview it and you’ll surly grab it for your device!

3. Merry Christmas Tune – Delight your family whenever your iOS device rings with this classic Winter Holiday tone.

4. Ringing Sleigh Bells Have Santa’s sleigh bells ring around your home whenever a contact calls to send you his best Christmas wishes.

5. Santa Claus Christmas Wishing – A traditional Christmas wish for your iPhone from the most emblematic symbol of this Winter Holiday.

6. Santa’s Ho, ho, ho Tune – Let Santa greet you with his traditional laughter whenever your iOS Device rings these days.

7. Kids Christmas Tune – A holiday iOS tone suitable for the young ones!

8. Sunday Church Tune – Hear the church bells ringing on Christmas day and reminding the community of this most very important holiday.

9. Have A Merry Christmas – Another classic tune that shouldn’t miss from your iPhone’s audio library.


10. Surprise Holiday Tune – This ringtone will be added on Christmas Day. Be here to grab it

Download, Transfer And Assign iPhone Sounds – Tutorial
We’ve also made a short video for you. Watch it and you’ll learn exactly how to download the sounds on your desktop or notebook, transfer them to your iPhone or iPad and assign them as you please. If you have any questions or requests please comment below: