Download The New Default iOS 12 Wallpaper For iPhone, iPad And Mac

iphone x ios 12 wallpaper

iPhone X displaying the default iOS 12 wallpaper.

As usual Apple has selected a new default wallpaper for a new iOS generation. This year iOS 12 has just been introduced at WWDC 2018 and many of us have already installed the first Developer Beta version on our test devices. Nevertheless, because early test versions comes with their share of bugs the majority of iPhone and iPad owners will refrain for updating until the official release expected for this fall.

However, it’s cool to display the iOS 12 wallpaper on your Home and/or Lock Screen even if you run iOS 11. This is possible by following the steps described below. You can download and install the default iOS 12 wallpaper on any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can even use it as a background on your Mac or any other non-Apple device that let’s you customize the background!

How To Display The iOS 12 Wallpaper
1. Download
First of all you have to download it. Select the appropriate version for your device’s display format from the ones available nearby:

default ios 12 wallpaper for iphone x

Default iOS 12 wallpaper for iPhone X.

default ios 12 wallpaper for other iphone models

Default iOS 12 wallpaper for other iPhone models.

default ios 12 wallpaper for ipad

Default iOS 12 wallpaper for iPad.

ios 12 wallpaper for mac

iOS 12 wallpaper for Mac.

    2. Install

  • After you saved the image, open the Photos app and open it.
  • Tap the Share Extensions icon available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Select the Use AS Wallpaper option.
  • Move and Scale the image on the screen. Tap Set when you’re ready.
  • Opt if you want to use the wallpaper for Lock Screen, Home Screen or both.

3. Enjoy
That’s it. Now return to the Home Screen, or click the Sleep/Wake button to Lock your iPhone and have a more cleaner view of the screen.

Other iOS 12 Wallpapers
Below you can find a series of other background images that are installed by default in iOS 12:

ios 12 wave wallpaper for iphone

iOS 12 wave wallpaper for iPhone.

blue feather ios 12 stock wallpaper for iphone

Blue feather iOS 12 stock wallpaper for iPhone.

fluid ios 12 wallpaper for iphone

Fluid iOS 12 wallpaper for iPhone.

rocks ios 12 wallpaper for iphone

Rocks iOS 12 wallpaper for iPhone.