Gesture Trick To Turn Off The iPhone Flashlight With A Swipe

iphone flashlight trick

iPhone flashlight trick.

The iPhone’s flashlight is a very handy tool that many of us use when in need of a quick and powerful source of light. The only way to turn on the torch of your iOS device is via the Control Center toggle. However, there are two options to pull the plug when you no longer need it. Most of us turn the iPhone’s flashlight off via the same knob from the Control Center menu. Nevertheless, there is a second option available, a trick that evades even some of the most experienced power users.

No, I’m not talking about Siri. Believe it or not Apple’s digital assistant isn’t able to switch On/Off the flashlight at the time of writing (iOS 12 included). Which means that you can’t rely on voice commands when attempting to control your iPhone’s flash for illuminating purposes. The interrogation “Hey Siri turn on the flashlight!” is handled with the annoying “Sorry, but I’m not able to do that” reply.

How To Swipe To Turn Off iPhone Flashlight
The shortcut for switching off the torch is hidden in one of the most basic smartphone gestures: the swipe!
Trick: On lock screen, swipe-left and the flashlight will stop beaming. A half-swipe is enough. If you go through the full motion you will open the Camera app.
Fact: iOS in-house developers haven’t coded this gesture as a specific flashlight shortcut. Nevertheless this is a great find, because your iPhone automatically kills the torch when the Camera needs to be activated. This makes this trick only available only from the iPhone’s lock screen (there’s no Camera shortcut available on the Home screen)!

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