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swipe up for control center not working watchos 10

Swipe Up For Control Center Not Working On Apple Watch?[Fix]

Swipe up for Control Center not working on Apple Watch after watchOS 10 update? You’re getting the Smart Stack of widgets instead? This isn’t a bug, but intended behavior! Apple has changed the way controls and gestures work on the smartwatch!…

watchos 10 new controls

watchOS 10 Controls And Gestures For Apple Watch (How To)

watchOS 10 changes the way the Apple Watch is controlled! Apple brings Smart Stack to your wrist, allowing widgets to be one swipe-up away. The new carrousel replaces the way the Control Center is accessed and causes other control and gesture changes!…

Apple Watch Control Center not working

Apple Watch Control Center Not Working, Not Opening (Fix!?)

Is the Apple Watch Control Center not working anymore? Are you swiping-up from the Watch Face but the panel is not opening? Does the same happen with notifications? Notification Center won’t come up when you swipe-down from the top of the screen?…

Privacy Access History in Control Center

How To Check Privacy Access History In Control Center (iOS 16)

iOS 16 brings a detailed Privacy Access History view in Control Center. It allows you to easily check which apps have accessed the sensitive sensors on your iPhone. It’s an extension of the orange and green status bar dots introduced in iOS 14….

start timer from control center

Trick To Quickly Set A Timer On iPhone And iPad

You can set a timer on iPhone in various ways, especially if you plan to use the built-in iOS feature. The traditional method requires you to open the Clock app, tap on the Timer tab, configure the interval, select the alert tone and Start the countdown….