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Tag: Control Center

how to manage wi-fi and bluetooth connectivties in iOS 11

How To Manage Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity In iOS 11

The redesigned Control Center promoted by iOS 11 has fulfilled the expectations of iPhone and iPad fans. Everyone was looking for customization options and for the option of having many more toggles and shortcuts only one swipe away. However, Apple had to intervene in some way to make sure that the experience isn’t perfect. Yes,…

ios 11 control center widget for apple tv remote

How To Use Your iPhone As Apple TV Remote In iOS 11 Control Center

If you’re the practical smart device user that wants to keep things straight and simple, without using multiple remotes for various gadgets, you’ll be please to find out that you can easily ditch the Siri Remote. Yes, I’m talking about the remote control that comes with your Apple TV. No, this isn’t the trick that…

ios 11 night shift mode shortcut

iPhone Night Shift Mode Shortcut Is Hidden In iOS 11

Have you recently updated you iPhone to iOS 11 and are encountering trouble finding the Night Shift mode shortcut in Control Center? Don’t feel annoyed. You’re not the only one having a hard time. Apple has completely redesigned the Control Center and Night Shift isn’t available in the main window anymore. We received over a…

inactive flashlight in ios 11 control center

How To Fix Greyed Out Flashlight Icon In iPhone Control Center

Have you recently updated to iOS 11 and you just noticed that Flashlight is unavailable on your device? Don’t panic! Your not the first to encounter this glitch. A series of our readers have mailed us and reported abut this bug. Some fresh updated iPhones, to the 11th iOS generation, display a greyed out Flashlight…