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big memoji sticker in messages

How To Send Big Memoji Sticker In iMessage On iPhone [Trick]

Do you know that you can make Memoji bigger on iPhone and send it using iMessage in an oversized version? We’re not sure if this is an actual feature or an iOS 16 bug, but here is the trick!…

system data on iphone is huge

How To Clear System Data On iPhone Storage In 2023 (Zero KB)

Are you looking for a way to clear System Data on iPhone and free up storage space? Other System Data taking up way too much space, or the contrary, showing -1 byte or Zero KB? Here is how to shrink or delete it!…

Apple Music Sing Apple TV older models

Apple Music Sing On Apple TV (All Models!) [How To Trick!]

Are you looking for a way to play Apple Music Sing on Apple TV, but you don’t own the 2022 model? Yes, Apple restricts this feature for all other Apple TV models. Thankfully, you can bypass it using the AirPlay trick!…

tweak iOS 16 backup for iOS 15

How To Tweak iOS 16 Backup To Restore iOS 15 On iPhone

Are you looking for a way to tweak an iOS 16 backup to be able to restore an iPhone running iOS 15? Getting iOS backup is incompatible or corrupt? Finder or iTunes could not restore this iPhone error? Here is what you can do to fix it!…

App Library Customization

How To Customize App Library Categories On iPhone (Trick!)

Do you know that you can customize App Library categories on iPhone or iPad, although there’s no specific setting for it? There’s a tweak allows you to indirectly edit folders and set which apps show up as suggested in each category….