Hide and Unhide Multiple iPhone Photos

ios 9 hide photos option

iOS 9 hide Photos option.

Some pictures in your iPhone’s Photos app are really deemed to stay private. This is why you might want to hide them and prevent a temporary user, of your device, from uncovering them. In iOS 8 and earlier you can use a stock feature to hide a picture, but the downside is that the command works for a single image at a time. Thus you have to repeat the process for every photo that you wish to duck.

iOS 9 brings an enhancement to this option too, allowing you to hide or unhide multiple photos at a time. However, as with its previous versions, be aware that he iOS Hide picture feature, conceals images from Moments, Collections and Years only! The media remains visible and accessible from the Albums view. If you need to permanently lock your photos behind a password protected folder, I recommend you to use a third-party app like CoverMe which can safely store delicate images, contacts and even calls and text conversations, behind a passcode.

How To Hide Multiple iPhone Photos
hiding photos from moments view If you do prefer to use the native iOS feature, here is how to do it:
Step 1: Open up the Photos app on your smartphone or tablet and browse for the delicate pictures.
Step 2: Tap “Select”, available in the upper-right corner of your screen and mark the shots in question. You can use the new multiple select gesture, by dragging your finger along the desired images to rapidly “check” them all.
Step 3: Press the Share Extensions button available in the bottom-left corner of the display and you’ll notice the “Hide” command listed first in the lower option bar.
Step 4: Tap Hide and the selected pictures will disappear from the Moments, Collections and Years view.
Tip: To unhide photos, open the Albums view and browse for the hidden images. Repeat the process described above and this time tap on Unhide in the options menu.

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Hide Single Photos in iOS 8 or Earlier
ios 8 hide photo option The old way of hiding a picture in Photos requires you to open the specific image. Next, tap and hold the screen to uncover a pop-up menu. Select “Hide” and you’ll be prompted with the same message, mentioned above, informing you that the frame is concealed only from certain parts of the Photos view.
To confirm your selection, hit “Hide Photo” and the shot will vanish from your iPhone’s screen. To bring it back, open the Albums view, scroll for it and repeat the process. This time tap “Unhide”!