How To Stream TV On Your Apple Watch

playing TV station on Apple Watch

Playing TV station on Apple Watch.

A short while ago we’ve shown you how to upload and play videos on Apple Watch. Let’s take this one step further and see how to watch TV from your wrist-worn device. No, you won’t need to upload your wearable to the hyped WatchOS 2.0 beta, for this trick to work. What I’m sharing with you today is a very simple but efficient trick that brings your favorite TV station on your Apple Watch!

Why would you need to watch TV on your wrist gadget, in the first place?…you might ask. Yes, I agree that the screen size is too small and common sense tells us that the experience can’t be too pleasant. However, do imagine that you’re watching an important sports event or a thrilling movie, while something comes up and you need to leave your living room, for a few minutes. Yes, a bathroom break can be a good example. This is when the Apple Watch comes to the rescue and allows you to keep track of your favorite TV show 24/7.

Stream TV on Apple Watch
watching TV on Apple Watch OK, enough with the introduction here is how to do it:
Step 1: Grab the paired iPhone and position it in front of your TV, with main Camera facing the TV set. Or, ask a person in the room to pinpoint your iOS device towards the screen displaying your favorite telecast.
Step 2: Flick your wrist and press the Digital Crown until you reach the app bundle.
Step 3: Tap on the watchOS Camera app. This will automatically wake the iPhone’s Camera and stream the media content on your Watch’s display, using the remote viewfinder feature. This way, you can see on your wrist gadget, what the paired iPhone sees via its Camera lens.
Fact: The frame rate can cause a little bit of lag sometimes. It depends on how far away from the streaming source (iPhone), you go. The closer you are the better the quality of the transmission.

Wi-Fi TV streaming on Apple Watch
Apple Watch playing TV feed I agree, this is a sneaky trick and quite a compromise. But I’m a strong believer that we can expect streaming of actual TV feeds from the web, pretty soon. As you might know watchOS 2.0 will be released this autumn and it will allow third-party developers to use many more functions of your wearable. The Watch could soon be able to connect to the Internet on its own, without needing to run software through the paired iPhone and thus be able to download Youtube videos and even live streams. Be sure that we’ll cover the story over here as soon as this feature becomes available. Stay tuned!