HomeKit Camera Live View Not Loading After 16.2 Update?

homekit camera not loading

HomeKit camera not loading

HomeKit Camera live view not loading after 16.2 update? Not loading live view? Stuck on the spinning wheel and black background? Recording are available, it’s just the live feed that’s not displaying? You’re not alone!

HomeKit Camera Not Working In 16.2?

This issue has been reported by Benji26:
“Having trouble with homekit cameras. live view keeps loading without actually loading!”

We’ve seen similar complaints on Reddit:

“Anyone else’s cameras unresponsive after 16.2?”


“I have this issue with an ecobee smart camera. The preview images will show, I can see recordings of motion it captured but I get unresponsive error when trying to click on to watch the stream.”


“Logitech circle view has mostly been offline. Interestingly it works at a desktop iMac near the front door and when I have my phone within 10 feet or so.”

How To Fix HomeKit Camera Live View Not Working

It’s unclear if users affected by HomeKit accessory issues have update the Home app architecture too, or the issues are caused by the 16.2 version lineup.

Here is what you can do to fix it:

1. Remove & Re-Add Camera

Users have confirmed that removing the camera from the Home app and re-adding it as a Home accessory would fix the issue.
However, this fix appears to be only temporary and the issue might re-occur.

2. Unplug Camera

Another working fix requires you to unplug the affected camera for a minute and reconnect them after one minute.

Fact: L8kRat reports that the camera live streams are as responsive as they ever have been after updating to 16.2 and performing the above trick.

3. Reboot Router & HomeKit hubs

HollandJim informs that he managed to fix HomeKit accessories not working after 16.2 update by rebooting the Internet router and the HomeKit hubs in this order.

HomeKit Cameras Affected

Most homekit accessories seem to be negatively impacted after the 16.2 update. Some have gone to the extreme and reconfigured the entire Home from scratch.

Here is you can find a list about HomeKit devices that we’ve seen complaints about:

Have you been able to fix HomeKit camera offline after HomePod OS 16.2 update? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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