How To Add Contacts To Apple Watch Friends Carousel

apple watch friends list

Apple Watch Friends Carousel.

Watch OS comes with a handy feature that provides fast access to your most popular contacts. It’s called the Friends screen. This way you can rapidly open a communication channel with people you frequently stay in touch with. Simply, tap the Apple Watch’s side button to open the friends carousel view. Use the Digital Crown to scroll for your desired contact and tap his or hers profile picture, or initials to open up the contact’s view.

The only thing that’s left is to choose, is how you want to reach your friend. You can dial a phone call, text a message or send a Digital Touch, if your contact is also an Apple Watch owner. Watch OS informs you in this case, by making the digital touch icon available, centered, right below the friend’s profile image. That’s in-between the call and message buttons.

Adding Friends On Apple Watch
Your wrist gadget will automatically add up to 12 contacts to the friends carousel, when paired to your iPhone. Basically, the Watch imports your favorite contacts from iOS. So, after pairing your smartwatch with an iPhone, you can tap the side button and check the Friends view. If you wish to edit the list or simply change order for higher efficiency, you can manually edit the Carousel from the Apple Watch app available on your iPhone.

Editing Contacts and Display Order
apple watch app friends settings Grab your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app. Tap on My Watch and go to the Friends settings. Here you have a list with the 12 available slots on the Apple Watch friends carousel. Tap Add Friend to fill an empty position, with one of your desired contacts. If you wish to reorder and assign other positions, tap Edit and change the friend assigned to it.

Note that whenever you press the side button on your Watch, to open Friends view, the 12 o’clock position is the one selected by default. So, your most important contact should be assigned to that position. It’s also the first entry in the friends list, on the Apple Watch app.

Do mind, that the Digital Crown rotates in both directions. This means that the 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock slots are the next positions in the carousel that should get privileged contacts. They’re found last, respectively 2nd on the iPhone editing list.