How To Bring Flash Player Support To Your iPhone And iPad

adobe flash player on iphone

Adobe Flash Player on iPhone.

As you might have found out iOS devices don’t come with built-in Flash support. Neither can you install the Adobe Flash Player app from the App Store. Apple doesn’t support it, because it hasn’t reached an agreement with the San Jose-headquartered software company. This is perhaps one of the main let downs, that users initially experience when switching from Android to iOS. However, don’t panic, things aren’t as bad as they seem. There is a way to watch Flash videos and streams on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The easiest one is with the help of HTML5, the current version of the HTML standard, that brings a new standard for showing videos on the web, bypassing the Adobe Flash plugin. However, not all websites and services have updated their templates to be HTML5 compatible. This means that you still might browse a web page, that requires Adobe Flash Player when playing a video or streaming a live feed. For this case, third party iOS browsers have been developed, that come with Flash Support. This means that you have to download the app, open the browser and load the Flash requiring website via the newly installed browser.

Best Browsers That Bring Flash Player To iOS
Below you can find a list of the best third party web browsers with Flash support for iPhone and iPad. All of them can be downloaded from the App Store and are able to run Flash videos, streams and games.
puffin browser pro app store download 1. Puffin Browser Pro ($3.99)
This app developed by CloudMosa Inc provides Adobe Flash Support over Cloud allowing you to stream flash content and watch flash clips on your iPhone and iPad. Puffin is coded to shift the workload from your device to the cloud making even the most complex websites load with ease on your smartphone or tablet. You can enjoy a full web experience, both desktop and mobile view. The important, Incognito feature is also available to facilitate private browsing.

photon flash player for ios 2. Photon Flash Player for iPhone ($3.99)
One of the best third party browser with Flash support for iPhone. You can play flash games online, attend to courses, stream peer-to-peer live feeds from unofficial sources and much more. Do note, that you have to press the “Lightning” icon (bottom-right corner), whenever you encounter a web page that needs Flash support.
3. Photon Flash Player for iPad ($4.99) Is the same app developed by Appsverse, designed for your Apple table!

fast flash app store download 4. Fast Flash ($8.99 -> $2.99)
Is both a web browser and video player that brings Flash compatibility to your iPhone and iPad. The app is fast and easy to use. The player supports a huge number of file formats including: flv, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg, mpg, wmv, wma, mp4, 3gp, mp3, caff, aiff, ogg , ogv, m4a, m4v, vob and more.
The software requires your device to run iOS 7.0 or later.
Tip: Hurry up, the app is currently on sale. You can download it at 33% of its usual App Store pricing!