16 Tips To Shoot Photos By The Book With The iPhone 7

iphone 7 6-element camera lens

iPhone 7, 6-element camera lens.

Apple has recently launched a new section on their official website called Photography How To. It comes with a series of video tutorials about how to correctly snap pictures with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flagships. Some tips can be applied to other iPhone models as well. They start with basic hints, that are in most cases only useful for iOS newbies, or for smartphone owners that have rarely used the iSight Camera. These include advice about how to shoot using Portrait Mode, create Panorama images, snap action shots and more.

Nevertheless, you can also find tricks useful to the average iPhone owner and even iOS power users, like snapping photos at the golden hour, to grab the best light, capturing a backlit subject, snatching a group portrait, focusing with street light, shooting a unique angle and more. Below, you can find a summary of all tips presented on Apple’s new website. The most interesting ones also include the official video tutorial.

16 Tips To Shoot Photos On iPhone 7
All step-by-step guides consider that your iPhone is unlocked and the Camera App opened:
1. How to shoot stills while filming
-> Swipe-right to switch for Video mode.
-> Press the red record button to start capturing.
-> Tap the white shutter button to capture a still photo, without interrupting your recording.

2. How to shoot a one-handed selfie
-> Tap the Camera switch icon, available in the bottom-left corner to switch to the front-facing lense.
-> Extend your arm and press one of the two Volume buttons to snap a photo. This provides better range and stability compared to the on-screen shutter.

3. How to shoot a selfie with the timer
-> Open the front-facing camera again and tap the timer icon.
-> Set the timer for 3 or 10 seconds.
-> Make a pose a tap the shutter to start the timer.

4. How to edit a selfie
-> Shoot the selfie with one of the methods described above.
-> Open the Photos album, by tapping the preview available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
-> Select the image and tap Edit (top-right corner).
-> Crop to focus better on the subject.
-> Tap the auto-enhance feature to edit.

5. How to shoot without flash
-> If there is enough light in your proximity, tap the Flash icon, available in the top-left corner of the viewfinder.
-> Set the Flash to Off position.
-> Tap the subject on the display to focus and slide set exposure.
-> Snap the photo.

6. How to shoot a vertical Pano
-> Slide left until you reach the Pano shooting mode.
-> Tilt iPhone in landscape mode
-> Tap the shutter button to start capturing.
-> Start from the bottom. Move your iPhone upwards. Pan slow and steady.

7. How to shoot a bold and simple image
-> Find a scene with colors and look for contrast.
-> Simplify your shot.
-> Discover symmetries.
-> Adjust exposure and shoot your photo!

8. How to shoot a backlit subject
-> Tap the HDR tag and turn it on for better highlights and shadows.
-> Press and hold on the display to Lock focus.
-> Tap the display and slide-down to lower exposure.
-> Snap the picture.

9. How to shoot a great portrait
-> In Camera, slide-left for Portrait mode.
-> Move the iPhone until the “Depth Effect” cue appears on the display. Ideally, the subject has to be located within 8 feet of the camera.
-> Shoot your picture.

10. How to shoot a group portrait
-> Slide-left once again for Portrait.
-> Move your camera to fit all subject in the viewfinder and wait for boxes to appear around the subjects face.
-> Wait until your Camera focuses and boxes turn yellow.
-> Press shutter to snap your photo.

11. How to shoot an action shot
-> Press & hold shutter button to snap photos in Burst mode while the subject is on the move. Shoot at a rate of 10 photos per second.
-> Open Photos and select your favorite frame from the Burst collection.

12. How to shoot a sunset silhouette
-> Place the subject between you and the sun.
-> Press & hold on the display to Lock focus.
-> Tap display and slide-down to lower exposure.
-> Shoot the picture.

13. How to shoot with street light
-> Turn off Flash, as described at tip 5.
-> Lock focus by pressing and holding on the display.
-> Tap the display and slide to find the correct exposure.
-> Hold iPhone steady and shoot the photo.

14. How to shoot a close-up
-> Move towards your subject, up to 10 cm away.
-> Tap the iPhone’s display to focus and slide up or down to find the right exposure.
-> Hold steady and snap the picture.

15. How to shoot during golden hour
-> Perform the shooting session just before the sunset.
-> Use the sun rays to front-light your subject.
-> Tap the display to focus and slide-down to lower exposure
-> Hold steady and snap photo.

16. How to shoot a unique angle
-> Pick an interesting subject and experiment with your framing.
-> Tilt your iPhone, look straight up or get down low to find that interesting angle.
-> Hold steady and shoot your photo.

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