How To Change Font Size And Fix Layout In Books For iOS

How to adjust font size in Books app for iOS

How to adjust font size in Books app for iOS.

If you’re new to iOS you might stumble upon a simple but annoying issue. This article was inspired by one of our readers that had problems in getting a proper content layout in Books. This is a stock iOS app that allows you to read e-books on your iPhone and iPad. It’s also an online marketplace for books.

From the Books store you can download free and paid books and lecture them on your iOS device. In simpler words its Apple’s version for Kindle, Kobo and Google Books.

As any Apple software the Books app is quite straightforward and easy to use. However, if you’re using it the first time, you might encounter some formatting problems.

If you open an ebook and the text is displayed in a very large size on the screen, there is most likely a size setting that you have to tweak in the app.

How To Change Font Size In Books
how to decrease font size in Books app1. Open Books app.
2. Select the ebook that you want to read.
3. Tap the upper-right part of the screen, to bring up the menu options.
Tip: If you don’t tap properly, you will just turn for the next page of the document. Don’t worry, tap again until you manage to bring up the menu.
4. Select the aA icon.
5. Adjust the font size by tapping on the “small A” or “big A”.
Tip: The bar on top of the menu is adjusting the Brightness setting. To decrease font size by several sizes, tap as much as needed on the “small A” icon.

how to enable Books app scrolling viewHow To Enable/Disable Scrolling View
From the same menu you can turn on the Scrolling View option. This will convert the ebook to a one-page layout. You will reach new content by scrolling instead of tapping. Regular format pages are still counted so that you can keep track of your reading progress as you scroll.
Fact: Swipe with your finger up on the screen to scroll.

Are you using your iOS device and the Books app for reading ebooks, or you prefer another device? Let us know in the comments section available below!

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