How To Change The DNS Setting On Your iPhone’s And iPad’s Wi-Fi Connectivity

iOS 11 Configure DNS Setting

iOS 11 Configure DNS Setting.

iOS devices are Internet depended because most of their functions require web connectivity. iPhones and iPads are able to send and receive data from the world wide web with the help of the Wi-Fi connectivity. To connect to a wireless router for the first time you have to open the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. Make sure that the wireless module is enabled by toggling the knob next to the Wi-Fi label to the ON position. Your iPhone will display a list with all the available networks in range. Pick the one you have credentials for and provide the Password if required. Once save your iOS device will remember the network and automatically connect to it when you’re in range and Wi-Fi on your iPhone\iPad is turned ON.

Most Wi-Fi networks automatically assign the Domain Name System (DNS) according to the router’s configuration. However, there might arise situations when you have to manually edit the DNS in order to implement restrictions like parental control or debug patchy Wi-Fi performance. Continue to read to find out how to tweak the DNS of your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection and find out the most common used free DNS services.

How To Change DNS On iPhone and iPad
iphone manual dns configuration 1. Open the Settings app from the iOS Home Screen.
2. Enter the Wi-Fi menu and make sure that the feature is enabled.
3. Tap the blue “i” available next to the connected Wi-Fi network.
– iOS 10 and earlier
4. Tap on the DNS label to enter edit mode. -> Input the new DNS. -> Tap on Wi-Fi in the top-left corner of the screen to save the changes.
-iOS 11 and newer
4. Tap on Configure DNS. -> Select “Manual” -> Tap on Add Server. -> Hit Save in the top-right corner to save changes.

Free DNS Servers For iPhone and iPAd
Google and OpenDNS are the most popular DNS services used by iOS users that opt to manually configure this Wi-Fi setting. You can use them too free of charge:
Google DNS:,
Open DNS:,
Fact:: Configure them as described in the tutorial provided above!

iphone in airplane modeTip: After you change the DNS configuration make sure that you restart the Wi-Fi connection to allow changes to take effect. Restarting is done with the help of the Airplane Mode. Swipe up for the Control Center and enable the Airplane Mode. This will turn off all iPhone antennas. Wait for a few seconds and disable Airplane Mode to bring your iOS device back to life. Open Safari and check if the web pages load properly!

DNS Setting And Parental Control
If you want to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content via Safari, one option is to use the free DNS service provided by OpenDNS and known as FamilyShield (,
Else, you can use the built-in iOS Restrictions feature, which allows you to Passcode protect explicit content, enhance Privacy, block ads, limit purchases or volume intensity.