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HomePod wifi signal

How To Check HomePod WiFi Signal Strength On iPhone

Do you know that you can now check HomePod WiFi signal strength on iPhone, iPad or Mac? All this thanks to new functionality added by the recently released iOS 15.5, HomePod 15.5 and macOS 12.4 software updates. How To Check HomePod WiFi Signal Strength All that you have to do is to open the Home…

WiFi Privacy Warning issue

WiFi Privacy Warning On iPhone: Encrypted DNS Traffic (Fix!)

Is your iPhone displaying a WiFi Privacy warning in iOS 15? Are you informed that the network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic? This means that other devices on the same network might track your browsing activity. This issue can be caused by a poor router configuration….

Airline Inflight WiFi not working in iOS 15

How To Fix Airline InFlight WiFi Not Working In iOS 15

Is the airline inflight WiFi not working on iPhone or iPad? Did you by any chance update to iOS 15 recently? That’s most likely the cause. Apparently American, Delta, Southwest, United and all the other airlines available are experiencing in-flight WiFi issues because of a new iOS feature called Private Relay….

iPhone WiFi issues in iOS 15

iOS 15 WiFi Issues: iPhone 13 Disconnects, Icon Not Showing

Are you having WiFi issues since updating to iOS 15? Is your iPhone 13 disconnecting unexpectedly from Wi-Fi and has a hard time reconnecting? These are some common glitches reported on most iPhone models and not just the 13 or 13 Pro series!…

unable to join network wi-fi error

How To Fix ‘Unable To Join Network’ WiFi Error In iOS 15

Do you get the Unable to join the network error on your iPhone in iOS 15? This is a new popup that informs you about a potential Wi-Fi issue! Your device detected that the network is operating on WiFi channels that are in use by several other nearby networks. This can lead to interferences and…