How To Check Your WhatsApp Best Friends

whatsapp friends message rankings

WhatsApp Best Friends Ranking.

Today I learned that one of the most popular cross-platform messaging applications, WhatsApp, comes with a hidden feature that lists a top with your most frequent conversation partners. The Facebook-owned software tracks and counts all text messages saved in your chat history, WhatsApp web included! If you check this secret stat, you’ll instantly have an overview of what friends you mostly interacted with. The contact names, photos (if available) and the exact message count is listed from top to bottom.

This feature is currently available only with WhatsApp for iOS, but it will be surly introduced for Android devices, along future updates. To check your best WhatsApp friends on your iPhone, you need to run version 2.12.3 or newer. WhatsApp is downloadable from the App Store and counts around 200 million iOS users.

How To Check WhatsApp Best Friends
whatsapp detailed storage usage view Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and browse to the Settings tab, available in the bottom-right corner of the app’s screen.
Step 2: Tap on Account and pick Storage Usage.
Step 3: Review the list and see the total amount of messages sent and received while using the Facebook-owned cross-platform messenger.
Bonus: Tap on a contact’s name and you will unveil detailed information about your history: amount of exchanged Messages, Images, Videos, Audio, Locations and Contacts.

whatsapp contacts sharing most media items Do note, that this total counts the amount of messages still stored on your device. If you wish to see the total texts sent and received via Whatsapp, from your account you have to return to the Account menu and tap on Network Usage.

Fact: Within Storage Usage, You can also switch for the Size rankings and see with who you exchanged the most media files.

Tip: Once you know what conversations eat up the biggest chunk of storage, you can open the WhatsApp Chats view and delete or archive the dialogue to free-up memory.