How To Control Your Home Appliances With The Help Of Your iPhone

remote controlling home accessories from control center

Remote controlling Home Accessories from Control Center.

iOS 10 has brought a series of new built-in apps and Home is one of them. It’s the environment where all connections with the Bluetooth accessories available in your house can be stored and managed. The application allows your iPhone to connect to your home’s door locks, lightning system, thermostats and any other home appliance that is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can even create a Home hub and control all these appliances from any corner of the world as long as you have access to Internet connectivity.

This way you can remotely switch the lights in your home On and Off. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to stand up from your coach and turn the light off when the favorite TV show begins or even smarter, when you’re away and want to simulate human presence in your house, to keep potential burglars away. Keys will be soon a thing of the past too. Modern door locks allow you to open or close gates with a smartphone tap. That’s great news for your pocket, first we saw the physical Wallet disappear and now it’s time for the key bundle!

How To Add Accessory
To be able to control your central heating unit, air conditioning or any HomeKit compatible accessory remotely from your iPhone, you first have to add the appliance to the newly available Home app.
ios 10 add accessory screen 1. Open Home and you’ll find the Add Accessory option on the Home screen. Make sure that Bluetooth is active on both the appliance that you want to connect too as well as on your iOS device. Location Services have to be also enabled on your iPhone.
2. Next, tap “Add Accessory” and your smartphone starts searching for available devices.
3. After the appliance is detected tap it. Your iPhone might request you to allow the accessory to be added to the network. Tap Allow to confirm.
4. Provide info about the configured device. It’s important to let Siri know the name and the location. This will allow your virtual assistant to recognize your voice command.
5. Tap Next and Done to finish the accessory setup. Depending on the appliance type, you might also have to perform further setup within the manufacturer’s app. Thermostats produced by Honeywell and Phillips find themselves in this situation.

iphone home accessory setup How To Configure Home Accessory
After you setup the appliance you can edit a series of other info. In the Home tab, tap & hold the accessory that you want to tweak. Hit Details and you can tweak the Name and Location if have reconsidered after performing the setup. More, important you can label the accessory as favorite, making it available in the Control Center, on the third Home controls card. You can also select the type and confirm whether it’s a switch or something else. Last but not least, decide if you want to receive Status and Notifications about the accessory in question.

How To Control Home Accessories
home lights powered on After you add and configure them, all available accessories are listed in the Home tab of the Home app:
1. Turn On or Off: simply tap the device’s icon to enable or disable it. When light are on you’ll notice the light bulb turn yellow and the whole icon becomes highlighted.
In case of thermostats or other appliance’s that don’t come with an On/Off functionality you have to press & hold the icon to unveil the available controls.
Fact: You can also control accessories from your iPhone’s Control Center or directly from your wrist with the help of the Apple Watch. To achieve this you have to label the device as Favorite.
heatins system home controls 2. Tweak Extra Features: Even light can come with extra features like brightness and dimming options. More, some HomeKit compatible lights allow you to change colors.
Thermostats have temperature controls or various modes, like the ones displayed in the image nearby. This is why you have to tap & hold the accessory icon to bring up all the available controls.
3. Check Status: The status of your home appliance’s is available in the header area of the Home tab, right under your home’s name. It can read something like “x lights on.”