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Tag: Bluetooth

how to manage wi-fi and bluetooth connectivties in iOS 11

How To Manage Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity In iOS 11

The redesigned Control Center promoted by iOS 11 has fulfilled the expectations of iPhone and iPad fans. Everyone was looking for customization options and for the option of having many more toggles and shortcuts only one swipe away. However, Apple had to intervene in some way to make sure that the experience isn’t perfect. Yes,…

greyed out iPhone wi-fi toggle

3 Solutions For Greyed Out iPhone Wi-Fi Icon And Spinning Bluetooth Wheel

We’ve recently received a support request from an iPhone 7 owner which complained that the Wi-Fi icon in his Control Center panel, as well as in the Settings menu displays as dimmed and asked us for a solution. Dimmed Wi-Fi and spinning Bluetooth wheel are rare errors nowadays. We didn’t have a similar inquiry from…

airpods 98 percent customer satisfaction

Are AirPods Worth It? 98% Of Customers Said: Yes!

The wireless Earbuds released in the fall of 2016 have been one of the most controversial Apple product launches in the past few years, simply because paying $159 for a pair of Bluetooth earphones was considered by many an extravagance. However, diehard Apple fans couldn’t withstand the temptation of getting their hands on the AirPods…

siri speaking out battery level for bluetooth connected headset

4 Ways To Check The Battery Level Of Bluetooth Device Connected To iPhone

Third party accessories like headphones, that are used as an extension of the iPhone or iPad audio playback speakers, are powered by their own internal batteries. At some point, it’s useful to know how much juice they have left inside. This allows you to prevent awkward situations, like running out of power in the middle…