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how to play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPad

How To Play Minecraft With Mouse And Keyboard On iPad / iPhone

You can now play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPhone and iPad! This new feature is available thanks to a new update of the Minecraft app for iOS that adds support for in-game controls for Bluetooth peripherals….

Bluetooth won't turn ON Mac

Bluetooth Won’t Turn ON On Mac In macOS Monterey ? (Fixed!)

Are you trying to enable Bluetooth on Mac but the antenna won’t turn ON? You click the Bluetooth toggle in the menu bar or System Preferences but the button is unresponsive?…

how to fix AirDrop stuck on Waiting

How To Fix AirDrop Stuck On Waiting (Not Working) On Mac

Are you trying to AirDrop files from iPhone to Mac but the process is stuck on Waiting… since forever? You’re not the only one. This is a common Bluetooth glitch that has been reported in macOS Big Sur and previous versions. Fortunately, it’s a minor issue that can be easily fixed, in most cases, by…

how to connect AirPods Max to Samsung Galaxy S20

How To Connect AirPods Max To Android & Any Non-Apple Device

Did you know that you can connect the AirPods Max to an Android smartphone, or any other non-Apple device? Yes, Apple’s new over-ear headphones aren’t iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV exclusive. They also work outside of the Apple environment! That’s without the assistance of Siri of course!…

iOS 14.3 Bluetooth Issues

iOS 14.3 Bluetooth Issues For Apple Watch & AirPods (Max)?

Before you update, be aware that iOS 14.3 could pack some Bluetooth issues, alongside the new features and bug fixes! This bug can cause AirPods and Apple Watch to unexpectedly disconnect from the paired iPhone! It appears that the iOS device is randomly dropping Bluetooth connections!…