How To Enable Low Power Mode On iPad (iPadOS 14)

Low Power Mode iPadOS 14

Low Power Mode in iPadOS 14.

iPadOS 14 finally brings an important feature available in iOS for years. The Low Power Mode is now available on iPad. Use it to extend the uptime of your Apple tablet when the battery levels drop too much and you aren’t near a power outlet. Low Power Mode is configured to disable a series of battery consuming processes like background app refresh, downloads, animations, visual effects, the Hey Siri feature and more.

4 Ways To Enable Low Power Mode On iPad

iPadOS 14 is currently in its early beta testing stages and at the time of writing Low Power Mode can be enabled only with the help of Siri. This will change as iPadOS 14 gets fine tuned and users will have at least 2 ways to enable/disable it.
Siri enabling Low Power Mode on iPad

1. Hey Siri

1. If the Hey Siri feature is enabled on your iPad just speak out: ‘Hey Siri turn on Low Power Mode.’
2. The new compact Siri user interface is displayed in the lower right area and your virtual assistant replies: ‘Ok, I turned powerSaving on.’
Fact: The Low Power Mode tumbnail together with the On/Off toggle is briefly displayed in the lower-right area of the iPad screen. You can quickly undo the Low Power Mode status in case you change your mind.

2. Control Center Toggle

Low Power Mode on iPad will be also available from the Control Center as long as you configure it so.
1. Open Settings.
2. Select Control Center.
3. In the ‘More Controls’ section, tap on the green ‘+’ available next to the Low Power Mode label.
Tip: Adjust the position of the icon in the Control Center by dragging and dropping Low Power Mode higher or lower in the ‘Included Controls’ list.

How To: Now, whenever you want to enable or disable Low Power Mode you can swipe for the Control Center and tap the Low Power Mode icon.

3. Settings Shortcut

Similar to iOS you can unveil a quick-access shortcut if you long-press the Settings icon on the iPadOS Home Screen. Drag your screen on the Battery icon and release the press to enable Low Power Mode on iPad!

4. Settings App

You can also enable iPad Low Power Mode from the Settings app. However, this way isn’t too straightforward, thus more rarely used.
1. Open Settings.
2. Scroll for Battery.
3. Tap the toggle next to Low Power Mode to change the state from Off to On and vice-versa.

Low Power Mode iPad Features

When enabled, the battery saving mode brings the following changes:
– Auto-Lock setting is changed to a generous 2 minutes (could be changed by the end of the beta testing). The same setting will turn off the iPhone screen in 30 seconds in iOS.
– Battery widget and battery icon on status bar turn yellow.
– Background app refresh, downloads, email fetching and other background activity.

What do you think about Low Power Mode in iPadOS 14? Do you plan to use it? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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