New Orange / Green Dot Indicator In iPhone Status Bar (iOS 14)

orange and green indicator in iPhone status bar (iOS 14)

Orange and green indicators in iPhone status bar (iOS 14).

iOS 14 focuses a lot on privacy as Apple is increasing its efforts to keep your data and intimacy protected.
As a result the iPhone and iPad get new orange and green indicators. They are displayed in the status bar whenever the device’s microphone or camera is used by an app. The new dot indicators pop up on the right side of the notch, just above the cellular signal, or Airplane Mode icon.

The orange indicator signals that an app is currently using your Microphone, while the green dot informs you that the camera is active on your iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 device.
This way you can immediately notice if an app is trying to spy on you. If one of the two new indicators displays without a reason, you should start to dig into it.

How To Check Which App Triggers Orange/Green Indicator

how to check which app is using iPhone microphone Just swipe for the Control Center, whenever you notice one of the two new indicators displaying in the status bar. This way you can check which app is using your microphone or camera.
iPhone X (and later): Swipe-down from the top-right corner of the screen.
iPhone with Home Button: Swipe-up from the bottom of the screen.
Fact: The name of the app that’s triggering the orange/green dot in the status bar is displayed at the top of the Control Center screen.

For example, if Voice Memos is using your iPhone’s microphone an ‘orange microphone’ together with the name of the app is displayed right below the notch. Same goes for ‘green camera’ icon along with the app’s name when the camera is used.

Can the iPhone display Orange and Green Indicator in the Same Time?

how to check which app is triggering the green indicator in iPhone status bar No. You can’t see both orange and green dots displayed in the same time in the status bar. Apple has coded iOS 14 to display the orange indicator when the iPhone’s microphone is used and the green dot when the camera and microphones are used. Most of the time when apps use cameras for video calling or conferencing the microphone is also enabled by default.
Conclusion: When both camera and microphone are used, only the green status bar indicator is displayed!

What do you think about this new iOS 14 privacy feature? Did you spot any app spying on you? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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