How To Enable Magic Mouse Right Click On iPad (iPadOS 15)

Magic Mouse Right Click on iPad

Magic Mouse Right Click on iPad

A new feature coming in iPadOS 15 allows users to enable the Magic Mouse right click on iPad. This increases productivity and makes Apple’s peripheral a lot more user-friendly. The Magic Mouse secondary click option adds extra functionality especially when browsing iPadOS apps like Safari, Mail and Messages.

How To Enable Magic Mouse Right Click On iPad

This feature has been spotted during the iPadOS 15 beta testing. To be more precise it has been introduced in the 6th Beta version and will most likely be included in the public release scheduled for this fall.
Magic Mouse secondary click option in iPadOS 15

  • Open Settings on iPad and tap on General.
  • Scroll for Trackpad & Mouse.
  • Tap on Secondary Click, available under the Mouse section.
  • Select Right and you’re ready to go!

Tip: Your Magic Mouse 2 has to be paired with the iPad for the Trackpad & Mouse setting to show up below Keyboard. Also, the peripheral needs to be connected to the iPad for the Secondary Click option to show up in iPadOS 15!

How Use Magic Mouse Right Click On iPad

Magic Mouse right click on iPad in Safari
After enabling the Secondary Click option you can open Safari and right click on an URL. You will get a quick actions menu that allows you to Open the link: in a new tab, in Background, in Tab Group, in Split View, Download Linked File, Add to Reading List, Copy or Share.

Tip: The Magic Mouse has a single button! You can generate a right click by pressing on the right side of the mouse. This might be the reason why non-Apple mice are already supporting right-clicks on iPad.

Do you have other examples of Magic Mouse right click situations that increase productivity on iPad? Use the comments section to share them and we will update them to the list!

Magic Mouse Secondary Click Limitations

We’ve tested and found the Magic Mouse 2 compatible with the Right Click feature on iPad in iPadOS 15. It’s unclear yet if this new functionality is also working with the first generation Magic Mouse.

Are you owning the original Magic Mouse? Do you get the Secondary Click option in Settings after updating your iPad to iPadOS 15? Use the comments section and share your feedback. We will update the article as soon as we get the confirmation.

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