How To Enable Weather Notifications On iPhone In iOS 15

Rain Notification on iPhone Lock Screen

Rain Notification on iPhone Lock Screen

iOS 15 brings Weather notifications on iPhone! You can enable precipitation alerts and get informed whenever rain, snow or hail starts in your area. The next-hour push notifications are currently available only for the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland but the list will grow in subsequent updates.

How To Turn On Weather Notifications On iPhone

If you’ve updated to iOS 15, and are located in one of the supported regions, proceed as follows to enable next-hour precipitation alerts:
how to enable weather notifications in ios 15

  • Open Settings and scroll for Weather.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • First, make sure that Allow Notifications is enabled and that the alerts are set for Immediate Delivery.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Weather Notification Settings.
  • You can switch ON the My Location toggle to enable push notifications for your current location.
  • You can also enable rain, snow or hail notifications for locations that you saved in the Weather app. Just use the ON/OFF switch next to the desired city, displayed in the Your Locations section.

How Weather Notifications Work in iOS 15

rain stopping soon weather notification in iOS 15
When enabled, the stock Weather app will issue a notification whenever a rainfall, snowfall or hail is expected to start.
Another alert will be sent with the expected time for the precipitations to stop.

Fact: Depending on the state of your iPhone notifications are displayed on the Lock Screen, in the Notification Center or as a banner push notification sliding from the top of the screen, if the device is unlocked!

Weather Notifications Grayed Out?

how to fix my location grayed out in weather
Are you trying to enable rain notifications for your current location but the My Location option is greyed out?

Tip: Make sure that you allow the Weather app to always access your location. This is done in Settings -> Location Services -> Weather -> Always.

Are you planning to use precipitation notifications on your iPhone? What’s your feedback about this new iOS 15 feature? How reliable is it? Use the comments section and share your thoughts.

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