How To Find Songs By Lyrics Via Siri Or Apple Music

How to ask Siri for a song if you only know some lyrics

How to ask Siri for a song if you only know some lyrics.

I’m sure that it happens to you quite often to hear a new song at the radio, in a shop, while on the go and the lyrics just remain stuck in your head for the day. It doesn’t have to be a new track at all, it can even be an oldie but goldie that you keep singing all day long without knowing the actual name of the song.

If you don’t have your iPhone around, or you’re too busy to grab your smartphone and Shazam to find out the name of the song, you’ll have to just sing it acapella-style for the rest of the day. Well not quite, because the following tricks will allow you to quickly find out the name of the song that just got stuck in your head.

Find A Song With Siri And Play It In Apple Music
1. Wake your iPhone’s virtual assistant, by pressing and holding:
– the Side Button for iPhone X and newer models
– the Home Button for iPhone 8 and older.
Tip: Or just shout ‘Hey Siri’ if the feature is enabled on your device!
2. Speak out: What song comes with “[speak out the lyrics]”
Fact: Siri will provide it’s best guess. Tap the result and the song will start playing in Apple Music. When the search is a sure hit, Siri will automatically open Apple Music and you just have to hit the Play button.

Tip: Even if you don’t know the full lyrics mention as many words from the track as possible. This will help iOS to pinpoint the exact song that you’re looking for.
An experiment, available in the nearby screenshots, when the querry is short like “walking down the boulevard..”, Siri opens Apple Music and suggests Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. But that’s not the song that I was looking for.
The extended query “walking down the boulevard…street lights” pinpoints my song – Don’t stop believin’ by Journey!

How To Type For The Name Of A Song
how to search for songs by lyrics in Apple MusicWhen Siri isn’t available, or you’re not able to use it and prefer to type here is how to proceed:
1. Grab your iPhone and open the stock Apple Music app.
2. Tap the Search field.
3. Type the words of the song that you remember.
Fact: Try to add as many words as possible even if they aren’t an exact match.

Tip: If you can choose, pick Siri, our tests revealed that Siri she is more accurate than the Apple Music search field!

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