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Siri doesn't speak on iPhone

Siri Doesn’t Speak Responses On iPhone? How To Troubleshoot!

Is Siri not speaking out responses on iPhone? Are the replies only displayed on the screen? This issue can be caused by a restrictive iOS setting or by a recent bug that has been reported starting with the release of iOS 14.5!…

Apple Watch voice feedback bug in watchOS 7.1

How To Fix Apple Watch Voice Feedback Bug In watchOS 7.1

Is Siri on your Apple Watch speaking out responses loud although Silent mode is enabled? This appears to be caused by a watchOS 7.1 voice feedback bug that won’t mute the virtual assistant although you’ve properly configured your wrist-worn device….

How to set Alarms in iOS 14

How To Set, Add And Use iPhone Alarms In iOS 14

A less popular change in iOS 14 is the Clock app redesign. The wheel picker used for setting time and configuring alarms isn’t the focal point of the interface anymore. The new version, although simplified, can be somewhat confusing. So, let’s take a look at how to add a new iPhone alarm in iOS 14…

Send audio message with Siri in iOS 14

How To Send Audio Message With Siri To iOS & Android Contacts (iOS 14)

Siri has also greatly been improved in iOS 14 and it’s not just the new much awaited small and unobtrusive interface. A hidden feature allows you to record and send audio messages to contacts with the help of your iPhone’s virtual assistant. Until now, audio recordings in the stock Messages app have been available only…

Nickname to Contact on iPhone

How To Add Nicknames To Contacts On iPhone (With Siri)

Did you know that you can add nicknames to contacts on iPhone? More, you can set them to show up instead of the person’s name when you get an incoming call or a message notification from that individual. Adding nicknames for your closest friends and family members is quite cool. This way you can mention…