How To Get Apple Maps Cycling Directions On iPhone & Apple Watch

Apple Maps Cycling Directions on iPhone

Apple Maps Cycling Directions on iPhone.

Apple Maps is finally able to provide cycling directions for iPhone and Apple Watch users. This feature is included in iOS 14, almost 10 years after Google made it available for Google Maps. On top of being late, the Cycling Directions option is limited to just a few select cities, at least in the early stages.

All that you have to do is open the stock Maps app and search for a place or an address that you want to go to.
Select the bicycle as mean of transport and your iPhone will calculate the fastest route, making sure to include bike lanes, bike paths and bike-friendly streets.
You have the option to preview the total elevation of your ride filter out steep inclines, stairs or busy streets.

How To Use Apple Maps Cycling Directions

how to use Cycling Directions in Apple Maps 1. Open the native Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap the search field and type the place or address than you want to bike to.
3. Tap on Directions.
4. Make sure that you select the Bicycle icon, from the transport options menu.
5. Scroll for all available route options. You can filter out hills and busy roads, using the specific toggles.
Tip: Before you hit the GO icon, check out the total elevation of the route, as well as distance and an approximate duration. You can even get suggestions to walk some stairs if you want to save time!
6. Tap on the green GO button to start the turn-based directions.

Fact: Apple Maps is now able to provide custom voice guidance for cycling routes. You can hear the audio indications with the help of your AirPods.

Apple Maps Cycling Directions On Apple Watch

Apple Maps Cycling directions on Apple Watch To get the new cycling routes at a glance on your Apple Watch you need to update your Apple smartwatch to the watchOS 7 generation.
Fact: Both iOS 14 and watchOS 7 are beta tested at the time of writing. Anyone can download and install the iOS 14 Public Beta on the iPhone. However, Apple Watch owners have to wait for public release that’s scheduled for this fall.
As soon as you start the cycling directions on your iPhone you can lock it and the turn-based indications are forwarded to the paired Apple Watch.

Apple Maps Cycling Cities

Cycling routes are only available for 5 cities as it premieres alongside iOS 14.
If you’re living in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, or Beijing you are among the lucky ones that can can use Apple Maps when commuting with your bike. Else, you have to use Google Maps for a better cycling routes coverage.

Do you plan to use the new Apple Maps cycling directions or you prefer the same service from Google Maps? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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