How To Pre-Approve Your iPhone X Purchase Via The iPhone Upgrade Program

preapproved iphone upgrade screen

Preapproved iPhone X upgrade screen.

Apple is currently allowing customers enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program to pre-approve their iPhone X purchase in order to be able to perform a quick checkout when the iPhone ‘Ten’ Pre-Orders actually start. The Pre-Approvals are done with the help with the Apple Store app and are available for a limited time only, until Thursday, October 26 at 4PM PDT to be more exact. That’s exactly 8 hours and 1 minute shy from the debut of the iPhone X Pre-Orders announced for Friday, October 27, 12.01AM PDT.

The iPhone loan program requires you to embark on a 24-month lease cycle that allows you to purchase the iPhone X for $49.91/month or $56.16/month depending which storage you choose. That’s a total cost of $1,197.84 for the 64 GB iPhone ‘Ten’ and an astonishing $1347.84 for the 256 GB terminal. Yes, this price tag include the AppleCare+ insurance as well as federal taxes, but it also requires you to trade-in your current iPhone. One other option would be to grab Sprint’s iPhone X $350 discount and signup for the Sprint Flex leasing program!

6 Steps To Pre-Approve iPhone X Upgrade
how to pre-approve iphone x upgrade1. Install and open the Apple Store app on your iOS device.
2. Open the Pre-Approval screen by, browsing for the iPhone X and tapping on Models and Pricing. Or, tap on the Account tab and select ‘Check upgrade eligibility’.
3. Confirm if you are eligible for an upgrade.
4. Choose the iPhone X model that you want to upgrade to.
5. Confirm your carrier.
6. Get pre-approved for your iPhone Upgrade Program loan!
Fact: After completing the steps described above you’ll be prompted to return to the Apple Store app, on October 27, at 12:01AM and complete your upgrade.

Important: According to Apple you might be only pre-approved once per phone number. Multiple attempts may cancel an existing pre-approval!

Conclusion: Getting pre-approved doesn’t mean that you actual have a registered iPhone X pre-order. It just simplifies your upgrade process so that you don’t lose additional time when checking out. Due to the simplified procedure it’s expected that pre-approved iPhone Upgrade Program members might be able to check out faster. This is really important if you want to own the edge-to-edge OLED display iPhone within the initial roll out. Demand will surly exceed availability and all available iPhone X terminals might be pre-ordered withing minutes after the lines open!

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