How To Review All Apps You’ve Downloaded From App Store In iOS 11

app store all purchases in ios 11

App Store All Purchases screen in iOS 11.

Almost everything has changed in the App Store starting with iOS 11. The redesigned iOS app market is now intensively curated by in-house editors that aim to highlight more apps and games and tailor them to your needs. However, every now and then you might wanna review the apps that you’ve downloaded in the past. It’s either because you look for a software that you used a long time ago and deleted from your iPhone and iPad. If you don’t remember its name you simply have to scroll the list of all purchased apps and wait for that flashback moment that helps you identify it.

In the new App Store the list with all the apps you’ve ever downloaded, while using your current Apple ID, is found in the Profile screen, under the Purchased label. The name is a little confusing, because it doesn’t host only the apps and games that you paid for, but all that you actually downloaded, free ones included. In fact, it’s not that strange, because nowadays when you download a free app from the App Store via the GET label, you’re also asked to “confirm your purchase”, with your Apple ID password or Touch ID, even if the purchase is $0.00. I guess Apple wants to imprint the idea of purchasing as being normal, thus making you feel natural when you spend a few bucks for your favorite apps!

How To Browse All Downloaded Apps In iOS 11
how to list all apps ever downloaded from the app store Nevertheless, to get back to the subject of this article, here is how to reach the above mentioned list:
1. Open the App Store from your iPhone / iPad Home screen.
2. Select any tab from the bottom menu, excepting the Search field.
3. In the top-right corner of the screen you should see your Profile photo. Tap it!
4. Now, tap on the Purchased label.
5. Hit on My Purchases (If you’re using Family Sharing you can also review the downloads of other family members). A chronological list with all apps and games that you downloaded from the App Store is displayed.

Fact: You can simplify your search by tapping the Not on this iPhone tab which displays a list of all apps that you previously downloaded and aren’t still installed on your iOS device.

Trick: Use the search field if you remember parts or the entire app name. Tap on the cloud with an arrow pointing down to re-download the application.

Important: If an app in the list is greyed out it means that it has been pulled from the App Store by its developer and is currently unavailable for download. This can happen if the software in question isn’t 64-bit compatible or the developer has decided to simply discontinue the application. If an app is discontinued by Apple, because it breaks the App Store terms, it won’t even appear in your “Purchased” list.

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