How To Save A Phone Number During An iPhone Call

iphone active call keypad screen

iPhone Active Call Keypad screen.

While performing mobile phone calls, there’s often the case when you’re involved in an ongoing conversation and you need to save a new number, provided by your call partner. Let’s assume that you don’t have anything else nearby and your only solution is to save the string on your iPhone. If you’re new to iOS or just switched from a non-Apple smartphone to iPhone, you might have a difficult time in finding a solution for this task. More, you can even end up losing the dictated phone number!

The logical move is to tap on the Keypad button, available on the ongoing call screen and input the numbers. Nevertheless, your iOS dialer doesn’t come with a create contact feature, creating the false impression that you can easily call the new number, or save it right after you hang up the ongoing discussion. This move can be applied with Android smartphones, iPhones however will automatically erase your keypad entry once the call is disconnected. This creates and awkward situation, of you having to call back for the number!

Saving A Phone Number The Rudimentary Way
iphone active call options screen There is a nice little trick that you can apply and perform a new iOS contact entry, while an ongoing cellular call is still active. The screen of an ongoing iPhone call comes with the following options: Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Add Call, FaceTime, Contacts. The choice of common sense would indicate a Keypad icon tap followed by the input of the provided phone number. As mentioned before, this won’t work because once you hand up the call the keypad entry is deleted. This option could be only a temporary solution, which allows you to store the number until you reach a pen and paper to write it down.

Create New iOS Contact During An Active Call
iphone create new contact screen The more elegant solution is to save the number on your iPhone, while the call is ongoing. This is achieved with the help of the Contact or Ad Call buttons.
Step 1: Remove the iPhone from your ear. The ambient light sensor detects your move and wakes the device’s display. Tap on Contact!
Step 2: The ongoing call runs in the background, while the Add Contact screen pops up. Hit the “+” icon available in the top-right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Tap the add phone label and input the dictated numbers.
Step 4: Optionally, add the First and Last name of your new contact and hit Done (top-right corner).
Step 5: Touch the green bar flashing at the top of your iPhone screen to return to the active call!
Fact: You can obtain the same results by choosing the Add Call button from the active’s conversation screen!