Customizable And Handmade iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

women presenting the jimmycase for iphone 6

Women presenting the jimmyCase for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

This material is for all of you that have an affinity for handmade products. If the oportunity of getting 2 in 1 lights up a bell, you should consider using your iPhone’s case as an extra layer of protection, as well as a wallet replacement. This way, you will buy yourself additional storage space in your purse or pockets. The jimmyCase is a third party iPhone accessory that can store up to 6 credit or debit cards, along with cash bills. More, it also comes with a full frame protection, which can easily make the iPhone 6 model, also usable as an iPhone 6S case.

What’s best about this case is that, for an additional $10, you can opt to customize it, to exactly fit your needs in terms of Color, Bumper and Fabric Color. You have to know that the starting price is decent. You can gear-up your iPhone 6 with a jimmyCase for $39. Add ten more if you own the larger sibling, the 6 Plus, and an additional $10 if you want the accessory customized as per your request.

How Does The jimmyCase Look Like?
the jimmy case cash and credit card pockets This iPhone protection tool is built out of three major components: bumper, wooden panel and pocket stretches. All of them can be customized, or you can choose between some that are already assembled. While selecting the proper case that suits your needs, you have to decide what color, wood type and pocket configuration your would like to own. Nearby, you can check a few pictures of the actual cases and make a decision. As you might anticipate, the jimmyCase is more suitable with casual or sports clothing. Nevertheless, with the proper accessory selections you can end up with a case suitable for more elegant rendezvous.

5 jimmyCase Features
focus on the jimmy case At the end, let me list a few reasons for why I opted to add this case to my collection:
Comfort is the first and most obvious reason why the jimmyCase is a good candidate. I’m mostly on the move, without any bags or other accessories. Any personal items that I use, are stored within my pockets. Having them as less loaded as possible, is sometimes a luxury that I can’t afford. The jimmyCase definitely helps with de-cluttering, because you can leave your empty wallet at home, before transferring its content to your iPhone case.
Easy Integration is possible with the help of the pocket stretches that gently snug around the new content.
Designed & Made in USA is the first insurance that premium materials are used. The producers claim that the wood is made out of military-grade mahogany. The bumper is manufactured out of high quality silicone.
Customization is available at all levels. You can even ditch the credit card sockets and have an usual full frame protective case, without pocket slots.
Slimness although wood might sound bulky, the panel is slim and makes a great combo with the very thin surface of the iPhone 6!

the jimmy case discount prompt Purchase: If you would like to test the jimmyCase yourself, go ahead and personalize it, before paying.

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Fact: You can find compatible version starting with the iPhone 4 and later versions!