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Tag: Save

spotify iphone battery usage stats

Turn Off Spotify Background App Refresh Feature To Significantly Save iPhone Battery

Prolonging the iPhone’s battery uptime is still a goal for most of us. With the huge amount of hours spent on the smartphone nowadays, battery lasting time is still a top priority. The easiest way to increase the iPhone’s durability in terms of power is by analyzing the main consumers. This info is available within…

preview screenshot thumbnail in iOS 11

In iOS 11 Screenshots Can Be Instantly Previewed And Edited Before Saving

Among the myriad of changes and new features embedded in iOS 11 we’ve also found the enhanced Screenshot function. The 11th iPhone and iPad Operating System generation allows users to instantly preview, edit and share a print-screen that has just been captured. The frame shrinks-in toward the bottom-left corner of the screen and hovers in…

google maps for ios offline navigation

How To Save Areas In Google Maps For Offline Navigation

When traveling to a new location you might experience loss of Internet connectivity on your iPhone, especially if you’re not a data roaming fan. This shortage could cause you problems if you use your Apple smartphone to receive directions and turn-by-turn navigation. The good news is that there is away around losing your orientation, in…

sending PDF file created on iPhone

Create, Save and Send Content As PDF Using Your iPhone And iOS 10

An iOS 10 feature that you might have missed, allows you to create PDF Files without requiring you to use a third party App Store app anymore. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a a file type that includes an electronic image of a photo, text or text & photo. You can basically…