How To Set Date And Time Manually On Your iPhone And iPad

How to set Date and Time manually on iPhone.

How to set Date and Time manually on iPhone.

Today’s iOS 11 springboard crashes caused by the December 2 date bug made some our readers realize that they don’t know how to manually set the date and time on an iPhone and iPad. Surprisingly, the iPhone’s time and date can’t be tweaked from the native Clock app, as you might have thought. Although the current time is live displaying on the app’s icon, tapping on the Clock only allows you to check the World Clock, set an Alarm, use the Bedtime feature, access the Stopwatch or use the countdown Timer.

iPhone’s and iPad’s set their time automatically with the help of the Location Service, the Internet connectivity and carrier info. Why would you need to manually tweak the time and date? Well, the December 2 date bug, was temporarily fixable today by setting the time back on your iPhone and iPad to a date prior to December 2, 2017, at least until Apple rushed out iOS 11.2 with a permanent fix!

how to set iphone time and date manually 5 Steps To Manually Set The Time & Date On iPhone / iPad
1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.
2. Scroll and tap on Date & Time.
3. Disable the Set Automatically option.
4. Tap on the current Date and Time displayed in blue.
5. Use the vertical scrolls to adjust the data as desired.

Fact: Be aware that a wrong date and time will spoil your Calendar entries, Messages apps, some Games and even Face ID on the iPhone X will require you to reboot the device when it detects a wrong date. Use a bad date only in extreme cases like the one described above! Do upgrade to iOS 11.2 to avoid any other iPhone restarts and use your notifications and time & date settings in normal parameters!