How To Use The iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Feature

ios 9 wi-fi assist feature

iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Feature.

Apple has recently introduced a new feature with the release of the iOS 9 Public Beta 3. It’s called Wi-Fi assist and in this article we’ll analyze how and when to use it. The function can be toggled ON or OFF and has the role to switch between your iPhone’s Internet connections when Wi-Fi connectivity doesn’t function at its optimal parameters.

Your iOS device can surf the web either by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, or by exchanging data via it’s cellular antenna, acquiring traffic with the help of your mobile carrier. Wi-Fi connections are free most of the time, while cellular data activity is paid. Depending on your contract you can have a limited data exchange plan and pay extra if you exceed it, or be “fortunate” enough to own an unlimited package.

When To Use iOS Wi-Fi Assist
Knowing your cellular data plan is vital when setting up the iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature. If you’re unlimited you can safely enable this function, without having any concerns. Every time when your Wi-Fi connection is poor, your iPhone will automatically switch to the cellular data network and ensure that you have Internet continuity. This can happen when your Wi-Fi signal is at the lower limit, just enough to keep the connection alive, but no or very little traffic is exchanged.
Without the Wi-Fi Assist function active, you need to perform the switch manually. This means swiping for Control Center and turning OFF Wi-Fi in order to allow your iPhone to use the cellular data connection.
Fact: If your data plan is limited, you have to be careful not to exceed it. One option would be to enable Wi-Fi Assist and disable it when you’re nearing the limit, in order to avoid additional carrier charges.

How To Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Assist
This feature can be tweaked from the Settings app. Tap on Cellular and scroll all the way down until you reach the Wi-Fi Assist tab. Toggle the knob to change its state.
Do mind, that you also have to turn ON Cellular Data and have it available in the background, when enabling Wi-Fi assist.
Fact: Wi-Fi connectivity returns as main option as soon as you get back in the proper range of a hotspot!