Instagram Crashing On iPhone Randomly In iOS 16 (Fix!?)

Instagram crashing on iPhone in iOS 16

Instagram crashing on iPhone in iOS 16

Is Instagram crashing on iPhone when watching Reels in iOS 16? Does it happen when you play your own reels, watch other people’s stories or randomly while you browse the app? Inadvertences due to changes included in the iOS 16 Public Beta version and not updated Meta’s app for iOS.

Instagram Crashing When Watching Reels

Instagram crashing on iPhone
The issue was reported by dana on our iOS 16 Public Beta review page:

“Instagram crashing when I watch my own reels? Is this iOS 16 beta related?”

I’ve managed to replicate it a couple of times. It does not only occur only when you’re watching your own reels, from your account view.

How To Fix Instagram Crashing On iPhone

If the app randomly crashes in iOS 16, here is what you should do:

  • 1. Update App

    Instagram update App Store
    First, check if there’s an App Store update available for Instagram. Third-party app developers will release many updates in this period because their apps have to be adjusted to iOS 16.

    Direct link: Instagram on App Store

  • 2. Reinstall Instagram

    If there’s no update available, try to reinstall the app. I recommend you to use the Offload app feature. This way you won’t lose any data:
    how to reinstall Instagram without losing data

    • Go for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.
    • Search for Instagram.
    • Tap Offload app and confirm.
    • Reinstall the app.
  • 3. Update iOS 16

    If Instagram keeps crashing on iPhone, you have to be patient until a new Public Beta is released.

    Follow us, and you’ll know as soon as a new version is available or go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and search for updates.

Fact: You might encounter other issues with Instagram in iOS 16. We’re still in the early days of this new OS version and there are many fine tunings left to be made until the public release. If you have problems with Instagram in iOS 16 don’t hesitate to report them in the comments!

Have you managed to fix Instagram crashing on iPhone? Do you have a better solution? Share it in the comments.

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