TikTok Crashing In iOS 16 Beta When Sharing Video? (Fix!?)

Tiktok crashing in iOS 16

Tiktok crashing in iOS 16

Is TikTok crashing in iOS 16 Public Beta? Does the app unexpectedly quit when you try to share a video? This is a widespread TikTok bug in theses early iOS 16 testing stages. Use the following workaround until Apple or ByteDance update their software with a patch.

TikTok Crashing In iOS 16

This issue was recently reported by Markus on our iOS 16 Public Beta review page:

“Tiktok crashes on iPhone (ios 16 public beta) when I share a video. Anyone else?”

We’ve found numerous other reports on Reddit. This thread has many confirmations:

“TikTok will crash randomly. Has anyone else had this issue?”

tiktok crashing when sharing video

I’ve managed to replicate theses TikTok crashes myself. The problem occurs when you try to share a TikTok. It might not get triggered at the first attempt but it will eventually crash your iPhone too!

How To Fix TikTok Crashing iOS 16

At the time of writing there’s no permanent fix for it. However, I expect TikTok to issue an update in the App Store soon, to fix this problem. In the meantime you can try the following:

  • 1. Reinstall TikTok

    reinstall TikTok to fix iOS 16 crashes

    • Use the Offload feature available in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.
    • Search for TikTok.
    • Tap Offload App and confirm. This will delete the app but keep its documents and data.
    • Finally use Reinstall to grab the latest TikTok version from the App Store, without losing any data!
    • Tip: Now, open the app and share a TikTok. Does it still crash?

  • 2. Restart iPhone

    The next step is to reboot device. A fresh start could clear minor glitches that could prevent TikTok from working properly.

    Tip: Use the force restart trick. Does it make any difference?

  • 3. TikTok Video Sharing Workaround

    TikTok crashes in iOS 16 when you try to share a video. The app has multiple ways to share. The bug appears to get triggered when sharing via DM (Direct Message within the app). Do this instead:
    share tiktok via dm

    • Long-press the video to bring up the hidden slide-up menu, instead of using the Share icon.
    • Share video to friends by using the Send option next to your friend’s name, in the Send to friends section.
    • Tip: Use the More friends option if the contact that you want to share the TikTok, is not among recents, or the Search option.

    Workaround 2: If this doesn’t work, your only option left is to share the TikTok via a third-party app like WhatsApp, iMessage, FB Messenger or any other instant messaging app, used by both you and your friend!
    tiktok crashing in iOS 16 workaround

Have you managed to get around the TikTok crashing when sharing video in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments.

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