iOS 11 Smart Invert Colors A Dark Mode Workaround For iPhone And iPad

ios 11 smart invert colors feature

iOS 11 Smart Invert Colors feature.

iOS 11 is only a couple of days away from its official release and here is another great new Accessibility feature that will especially please those iPhone and iPad users that expect a Dark Mode option! Although the 11th iOS generation doesn’t seem to include an official Night Mode, that has the ability to make the display more eye-friendly during the night, turning backgrounds from bright to dark colors and making other similar adjustments, there is a satisfying workaround.

I’m talking about the new Smart Invert Colors Accessibility option that has a similar effect. Compared to the classic Invert Colors feature, Smart Invert reverses the colors of the background, text and buttons but leaves images, icons and even entire apps that use dark colors unscathed. Considering that you can even assign a shortcut, it can be accepted as a handy workaround for an actual Dark Mode.

ios 11 smart invert colors setting How To Enable Smart Invert Colors
1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone/iPad Home screen and tap on General.
2. Open the Accessibility menu.
3. In the Vision area, tap on Display Accommodations.
4. Next, select the Invert Colors menu.
5. Enable Smart Invert.
Tip: Tap Back, available in the top-left corner of the screen, twice to return to the Accessibility menu and configure the shortcut as explained below.

setting up smart invert colors accessibility shortcut Assign Smart Invert Colors Shortcut
1. Within Settings -> General -> Accessibility scroll all the way down the screen.
2. Tap on Accessibility Shortcut.
3. Select Smart Invert Color and any other feature that you want to enable or disable via the triple-click home button gesture.

Facts: 1. The Smart Invert Colors option works optimally when used with native iOS apps like Phone, Messages, Photos, Settings but I’m not satisfied about how it displays in Safari.
2. Enabling Smart Invert Colors automatically disables Night Shift mode.