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ios 11 smart invert colors feature

iOS 11 Smart Invert Colors A Dark Mode Workaround For iPhone And iPad

iOS 11 is only a couple of days away from its official release and here is another great new Accessibility feature that will especially please those iPhone and iPad users that expect a Dark Mode option! Although the 11th iOS generation doesn’t seem to include an official Night Mode, that has the ability to make…

iPhone 5s invert colors

iPhone Invert Colors Tips and Tricks

A highly intriguing iOS setting is the Invert Colors one. You can reverse the displayed colors of your iPhone’s screen by enabling this option from the Settings menu. Your device will alter its display and your 5S home screen will look identical with the image captured in the media available nearby! Many iPhone users consider…

flappy bird night mode playing

Flappy Bird Night Mode Playing Trick

One of the most popular iPhone games of the moment is Flappy Bird. There are over 30 million players registered via Apple’s Game Center and member count is rising exponentially. The extremely simple interface, but yet very difficult to complete gameplay mode have turned the Flappy Bird into a highly contagious game, amongst smartphone and…