iOS 15 No Sound: Instagram Stories Muted When Silent Mode On

iOS 15 No Sound Bug

iOS 15 No Sound Bug

Is the Silent Mode in iOS 15 muting audio playback in third-party apps? Are Instagram stories silenced when the iPhone Silent switch is ON? Are we dealing with a No Sound bug or is this how Apple wants Silent mode to impact apps, system-wide in iOS 15?

How To Test iOS 15 Silent Mode Issue

Instagram stories no sound in Silent mode

  • Make sure that you disable any Focus modes configured on your iPhone.
  • Also, turn up the Volume using the side buttons.
  • Open a third-party app like Instagram and browse through stories. Does the audio play when the Silent mode is ON?

    Workaround: If it doesn’t, the only available workaround is to disable Silent mode, by using the switch on the left side of your iPhone. Can you hear the sound now?

How To Fix Instagram No Sound In Stories

According to reactions in the comments section, Instagram is the only social media app impacted by the No Sound issue when Silent mode is enabled.

You can apply these troubleshooting options to temporary fix the issue until Facebook updates Instagram with. a fix or, iOS 15 gets a software update that addresses this problem.

Update (September 25): Instagram has been updated with a fix for the No Sound in Stories bug! Please update now to version 206.1 or later! (direct link)!

1. Disable Silent Mode

Obviously, the quickest way to enable audio for Instagram stories is to turn OFF Silent mode. Use the switch available on the left side of your iPhone for this.

Fact: This is not the optimal solution though, because it requires you to joggle with the Silent switch every time you browse the social media app, but it does the job until an official fix is issued!

2. Unmute Using Instagram Posts or Reels

how to unmute Instagram stories
You can also fix No Sound in Instagram without disabling Silent mode!

For this you need to open one of your Reels or older Posts that contains a video. Play it. No sound will be available. However, you can use the sound icon, the ‘unmute icon’, found in the bottom-right corner of the video window to enable the sound!

Tip: Apparently the setting is system-wide, so once you unmute the sound in a Reel or Video, you can return to the Stories and the audio will play normally. Does this trick work for you? Use the comments section to confirm please!

Credits: This workaround was provided by Terragina and confirmed by EN.

iOS 15 No Sound Bug Or New Behavior?

I could only replicate this problem for Instagram stories. However, other users have complained that they have a similar issue with Facebook stories, YouTube shorts and other apps.

Marsel has reported this bug to us and he also complains about Instagram stories being affected. Are you getting the same No Sound issues with various apps on your iPhone, after updating to iOS 15?

Would appreciate if you can take the tame and share your feedback in the comments section, as we plan to report this problem via Apple’s Feedback section.

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