iOS 15 Download, Update Log, Features And Bugs

iOS 15 update

iOS 15 update

Apple has released iOS 15 build number 19A346 to the public! This means that if you own a compatible iPhone or iPad, you can now download iOS 15, over-the-air, from the Software Update screen. It’s is a major update that brings lots of new changes and features for FaceTime, Notifications, Safari and more!

iOS 15 Download

how to update to iOS 15
The iOS 15 update file is between 3.24 GB and 6.08 GB large depending on the iPhone model that you own!

  • 1. To update you need to browse for Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Upgrade to iOS 15.
  • 2. Tap on Download and Install.
  • 3. Provide iPhone passcode and Agree with Apple’s Terms.
  • 4. Be patient until the update is requested, downloaded and your iPhone is prepared for installation.
    Tap Install Now.
  • Fact: The update is verified and installed on your device. A white Apple logo on a black background along with a progress bar inform you about how much more there’s left until the update completes.

  • 5. iPhone restarts automatically to mark the conclusion of the update. Provide your Passcode. Tap Continue and go through the iOS 15 configuration steps!
  • 6. Choose if you want to share iPhone Analytics with Apple. (Share with Apple / Don’t Share)
  • 7. Swipe up to get started. That’s it you’re now ready to use iOS 15!

iOS 15 Update Problems?

Are you encountering issues while trying to update? Here are the most common reasons:

  • 1. iOS 15 Not Showing Up?
    If you don’t get the iOS 15 update in the Software Update screen reboot your iPhone or iPad using the force restart trick. You should also try again later as Apple’s servers might be overloaded!
    How to: Browse for Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management -> iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 Beta Software Profile -> Remove Profile
  • 2. iOS 15 Not Downloading Or taking too long?
    iOS 15 update taking long
    If your Internet connection is fine, you might be trying to download iOS 15 when everyone else does and Apple’s servers might not be able to handle the load. You can check for server-side Apple issues on the company’s system status page!
  • 3. iOS 15 Update Stuck
    how to delete ios 15 update file
    There might be several reasons for the iOS 15 update to freeze during the download or preparing update process.
    Workaround: A common fix requires you to delete the iOS 15 update file and start over. You can do this in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> iOS 15 -> Delete Update.

iOS 15 Features

iOS 15 Features

  • According to Apple bring audio and video enhancements to FaceTime. This includes spatial audio and Portrait mode features, as well as the option to invite Android and Windows devices to a FaceTime group call.
  • A new Shared with You add-on highlights in the corresponding app, articles, photos and other content that’s shared with you in Messages.
  • Focus modes help you to filter notifications in a new and efficient way. The goal is to reduce distractions and increase productivity.
  • A new Notifications Summary option is available. It collects non-essential notifications and delivers them to you at a preset time of day.
  • Maps is redesigned and now includes a new three-dimensional city experience as well as augmented reality walking directions.
  • Safari gets a big redesign and many changes. The address bar is now called tab bar and is available at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier to reach and allows you to quickly change between tabs or open a new tab.
  • The Wallet app gets Home keys, Hotel keys and Office keys!
  • Live Text recognizes text in photos or the Camera viewfinder and allows you to copy/paste it, look it up or easily translate it! More, your iPhone is now able to recognize phone numbers, emails, dates, street addresses and similar data in photos, allowing you to take direct action on them!
  • Spotlight is able to provide rich results including info about contacts, actors, musicians, movies and TV shows.
  • Photos app provides info about EXIF metadata. It also offers you the option to perform a Visual Look Up about the main object from the frame.
  • The Health apps receives additional sharing options, Trends, Walking Steadiness metric, verifiable health records (COVID-19 vaccines) and more.
  • Weather app has been redesigned and is now able to show new animated backgrounds. iOS 15 brings next-hour precipitation alerts for rain and snow.
  • Siri is more private! On-device processing keeps audio requests on your iPhone / iPad by default! Siri is also able to share screen content like songs from Apple Music, web pages, location in Maps and much more!
  • Privacy on iPhone is further enhanced in this release thanks to Mail Privacy Protection and Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention.
  • iCloud+ is a new cloud subscription service that comes with additional features including Private Relay, Hide My Email, HomeKit Secure Video and custom email domain to personalize your iCloud Mail address.
  • Accessibility gets many new features including background sounds, image exploration with VoiceOver, per-app settings that allow you to customize display and text size only for specific apps and more!
  • For more iOS 15 features tap here!

iOS 15 Update Log

To read about all new features, changes and enhancements check the screenshots provided below:
iOS 15 update log

iOS 15 release notes

iOS 15 release notes

iOS 15 Bugs

The 15th iOS generation was tested for more than 3 months. Unavoidably bugs and glitches have made it to the public version. Below you have the most common bugs as well as new problems that have flared up since the public release:

Known Issues

Below you can find a list of frequent issues reported in the iOS 15 RC version. Are you still encountering them in the public version?

  • Storage bug displays annoying iPhone Storage Almost Full notification, as well as wrong Available storage estimations. Also, the iPhone Storage screen might glitch out and not load at all!
  • Settings app crashes when trying to edit Apple Music options.
  • Maps remains stuck in zoom out interface, when adding a stop while in route to a destination. This severely hinders navigation.

    Workaround: Stop driving! Force close Maps. Reconfigure navigation and add the stop as new destination. Once you reach the “stop”, reconfigure again and use the initial destination as final one.
    Reported by Steve

  • Third-party apps not working, not opening or crashing on startup after iPhone is updated to iOS 15? This happened frequently during the beta testing stages, with apps like AirBnB or Microsoft Office, but most of the important apps have been updated to be compatible with iOS 15.
    Fix: Install the most recent update for the app in question, if available in the App Store!

New Bugs

  • Safari video playback bug only plays audio without any images. This is a fresh iOS 15 bug reported by Bernaldo.
    Workaround: Load the non-amp version of affected web pages and videos will play normally!
  • Instagram stories muted when Silent mode is ON! Is this a iOS 15 sound bug or a new behavior for the Silent switch? More details available here.
    Workaround: Disable Silent mode to hear the audio playback!
    Reported by Marsel.
  • Live Text not working on iPhone or iPad? Here is an article dedicated to this issue!
    Workaround: Use a compatible iPhone set for a Live Text supported language!
  • iOS 15 no notifications are generated although Focus and Do Not Disturb modes are disabled. The missing notifications only show up when opening the app in question.
    Workaround: Restart Safari!
    Reported by Abheet
  • iPhone taking random screenshots in iOS15. This issue was reported by JM. Are you also encountering it?

Important: If you’re dealing with a bug after updating to iOS 15, and you don’t see it listed here, please use the comments section and share it with us. We will take a look at it, try to provide a fix and share feedback to Apple!

Have you updated to iOS 15? Which features do you like the most? Did you encounter any bugs worth mentioning? Use the comments section!

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