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notifications sound too low in iOS 17

iOS 17 Notifications Sound Too Quiet? Low Volume? Fix?

Notifications sound too quiet on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Volume is too low no matter how much the Ringer & Volume levels are increased? Sometimes nothing can be heard as if audio alerts aren’t working at all?…

iPhone 12 no sound issue

iPhone 12 No Sound Issue? (Apple Service Program Extended!)

Apple has confirmed, last year, that iPhone 12 no sound issue might be caused by a faulty hardware component. A service program was started to fix this problem, free of charge, for all affected users that meet the requirements listed below….

one AirPod no sound on Mac

One AirPod Not Working (No Sound) When Connected To Mac

Is one AirPod not working when connected to Mac? There’s no sound, or almost no sound, in the left or right AirPod when the Bluetooth earbuds are connected to MacBook? You might be dealing with a macOS Monterey glitch!…

iOS 15 No Sound Bug

iOS 15 No Sound: Instagram Stories Muted When Silent Mode On

Is the Silent Mode in iOS 15 muting audio playback in third-party apps? Are Instagram stories silenced when the iPhone Silent switch is ON? Are we dealing with a No Sound bug or is this how Apple wants Silent mode to impact apps, system-wide in iOS 15?…